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Risk in America

"Coping with a world of risks requires concentrating on the few things that matter most, when making decisions about risk, whether as citizens, parents, patients, employees, activists, investors, drivers, or friends." - Risk: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford's Very Short Introductions.

Let's manage risk better as a society. ‪#‎curechildhoodcancer‬

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September 2015

Dear PAC2,

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (NCCAM). 

This is the ninth September that we knew about childhood cancer, but probably the eighth that we knew about NCCAM, doubtful we even knew during the September he was fighting.  In each of those 8 or 9 years, another 16,000 moms, 16,000 dads, 64,000 grandparents, untold siblings and other family and friends became aware of childhood cancer - because they heard those words we all heard and will never forget: your child has cancer.   

In each of the next 8 or 9 years, or 8 or 9 decades, the childhood cancer community, for better or for worse, will continue to grow, until we as a community (moms, dads, family, friends, organizations, government, docs, researchers, industry) can help piece together the puzzle that is curing childhood cancer. 

For the worse, that means that about another 3,200 kids (16,000 x 20%) will die annually of childhood cancer here in the US.  It’s the leading cause of death by disease for kids.  For the worse, that means that of the 12,800 5-year survivors, 2/3 will face long-term effects from the treatments that saved their lives and 20% of those survivors will ultimately die prematurely from the disease or side-effects.  The statistics continue to be....simply wrong.  The reality is that about 1/3 of the kids diagnosed will die prematurely. But these kids are NOT statistics, they are children, mine, yours, and we simply HAVE to do better. 

For the betterment of the kids, each year, a large portion of those moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, friends and family are #SteppingUp, banding together, and demanding action.  And each year it grows.  Through the efforts of so many folks that are truly heroes (but would in turn ask you “What else could I do?”) buildings across the country and internationally are turning Gold,  Governors and states are declaring September NCCAM, social media events and campaigns to #GoGold and #ShopGold are everywhere.   

For the betterment of the kids, the growth of the Childhood Cancer Caucus has been another great demonstration of the success of the community’s efforts.  Hyundai Hope on Wheels has been a wonderful leader and partner, helping the Caucus grow over time.  The Coalition Against Childhood Cancer has grown from a simple, grassroots movement to being a leading organization demonstrating that collaboration can and does work.  CAC2 and the Alliance for Childhood Cancer working together has also yielded amazing results, the #StepUp campaign supporting the STAR Act is this year's joint effort.  CureFest is another successful collaboration bringing hundreds of advocates and organizations together in DC and is becoming the showcase, national event we've all longed for.  There are simply too many organizations contributing to the puzzle to list separately - just click CAC2 or the Alliance to view a list of some of them.  One quick shout out to a group you won’t see listed, the 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave

So many folks and organizations stepping up in their own unique way, each one an individual piece contributing to the big complex puzzle that is slowly but surely coming together and will, without a doubt, cure childhood cancer.  It’s an honor to be a part of it. 

So, click a link.  #StepUp.  Support the STAR Act.  Make a difference. 

The kids thank you.



Siblings Making a Difference........
"On Jan. 5, 2008 my brother passed away from a Childhood Cancer.
We need to Step Up and Go Gold for Childhood Cancer!  GO GOLD for September with these Childhood Cancer Awareness bracelets. Each bracelet set comes with ONE colored bracelet with gold ribbon charm AND one white seed bead bracelet.  $5 from each purchase will go to St. Baldricks in order to fund childhood cancer research."  Visit SeaSideSailor Designs.

Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer - Long-Term Outcomes

This PAC2 article estimates the likelihood of four life-long outcomes for a child diagnosed with cancer.  These are the projected results:

  • 22% live at least 30 years after diagnosis without chronic health conditions
  • 25% live at least 30 years but face mild to moderate chronic health conditions
  • 19% live at least 30 years but face life-threatening or disabling chronic health conditions
  • 34% die within 30 years of diagnosis. 

Every day 7 children die from childhood cancer within five years of being diagnosed AND every day 5 children that have survived 5-years from diagnosis die from the original cancer, a secondary cancer, or other long-term effects.

Click to read more: Childhood Cancer - Current Long-Term Outcomes


Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

PAC2 is proud founding member of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer!


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