Ok, our basic plan includes;
#1 - Growing to a critical mass

#2 - Organizing, planning and implementing short and long term awareness campaigns

#3 - Providing the childhood cancer community a venue to speak with "one voice united against childhood cancer"

Listed below are some basic tasks we ask each new member to complete:

  1. Invite your friends and family to join PAC2 and become part of the "one voice united against childhood cancer". Just go here and you import email addresses and automatically send out invitations. And, you can post PAC2 badges on your site to attract members.
  2. We must organize to act not only nationally but locally.  So, please search the Geographic Groups here and join the one in your area. 
  3. Sign the Cure Childhood Cancer Petition and send the link to your contacts asking them to sign and distribute. Those of you who operate Caring Bridge, blogs or Care Page sites, please post a link to the Petition on your site for your readers.  The Petition is a key element of our awareness campaign.
  4. Browse the PAC2 materials you can download and print, leave at hospitals, clinics, etc.
  5. CureSearch is the leading childhood cancer organization advocating for our political leaders to provide funding for research.  Please join the CureSearch Childhood Cancer Advocacy Network so you will be able to participate in targeted campaigns to influence leaders in your area.
  6. PAC2 Initiatives - every week or so we try to focus on a new area to raise awareness of childhood cancer or increase funding. You can join in on these Initiatives, in fact your participation is KEY to the success of PAC2! Just click PAC2 Initiatives.
  7. And last but not least, read a couple posts to see where we are coming from here.

Thanks for being here,
Lori and Bob

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Thank you for this website and organization. I have already done some of the five new members request and I will be doing more as my time allows. I really am looking forward to finding and using the materials to make be a better advocate for us to get the funding and the research on Childhood Cancer. I just am apolled at the lack of interest in the better of our future generations health problems, especially cancer. With all the advancements that the health industry is doing, it is justing so upsetting that so little-almost none- have been done in the area I feel needs the most.
hi AJs Dad! it's great you doing all this for childhood cancer.. i must admit i've never much cared about childhood cancer before, much more specific childhood cancers.. until this thing with my nephew happened.. it opened my eyes to this whole new world.. i'm still new here so i haven't really gotten around the site, i'll do that soon..i've been pretty busy with school lately.. what i've done though is email a lot of people so that they could sign up in the petition.. and posted a yellow ribbon on my friendster account too. i'm sure we'll get there soon, one day everybody will be aware of all your efforts, along with all the other people's effort in the WORLD who actually cares about this, and get the attention childhood cancer deserves.


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