looking for a graphic designer to take the file below and make it pretty, post it for the entire PAC2 membership.....put it up everywhere you go.

Would also appreciate input on the text......its late.......

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Could you attach the file as a PDF? I used Adobe programs and don't have Publisher. I teach design (and PR, advertising, media studies, etc.) at a small, liberal arts university. I could either take a stab at it or, better yet, give it to students as a project since they are always looking for portfolio opportunities.
Here is the poster I came up with! Also, I have an idea for another one I will try to get done today and posted.

PS: I've never saved a file as a PDF file, so I wasn't sure if it would work. I've attached it as a PDF, PSD, and JPEG.
Thanks!! Hope they help!! :)
Ok! Here is the second, I think I found all of the mistakes!
ok, since you have displayed such creative talent and and unstoppable desire to help (oh man whats he want now?)....how about business cards for PAC2 that people can go to Staples/Office max, buy the Avery sheets and print them at home? I see the hand logo, the PAC2 web site and the petition website on it......any takers?

the original logo came from Sue at highstrungbeadsetc@verizon.net......she is more than willing to help and I am sure would give the files...the link on her name takes you to her PAC2 page
Yay! I would love to help with this! I will create them on an avery template so that it just needs to be downloaded and printed out!

I will contact Sue about the logos!

I will try to get something worked up if I have time today, if not it will be Sunday or Monday because we are going out of town for the weekend.
have a great weekend thanks for all you do
Thank you and no problem, more than happy to do it!!
Ok, here is the template for the business cards! I created it in word using the avery business card template, I'm hoping it works and the layout doesn't get messed up through downloads and whatnot. I never know with microsoft word, it is kind of touchy, at least for me. :)

If you guys want any changes, no problem, just let me know!

-- I tried downloading it from the site to see if it worked and it was crashing my microsoft, so let me know if the same happens to you guys... I'll see what I can do. Hopefully it's just my silly computer!
Just checking to see if anyone has tried to download the business cards and whether or not they worked?
Jessica, can you upload PPT files? how about this?


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