Perhaps I've missed it but as far as I know the US Postal Service has never issued a stamp for Childhood Cancer. Does anyone know for sure?? Maybe we can add this project to our agenda.

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Thanks Rich. I thought there must have been a previous attempt at this but didn't know about the petition. Hard to believe it's been going since 2003 and still hasn't reached it's goal. Is there something more that can be done??? That would be a major accomplishment.
Erica, like all good CC advocates, is a member of PAC2.
I work for the post office...I'm a mail carrier and my boyfiend is a postmaster.....I will be sure talk to my postmaster to see if she knows how to get this rolling..Im sure she will help any way she can...I will also have John (boyfriend_) see what he can do....I will be back at work on Tuesday ...Monday my daughter has her doctors appointment....
Maria..m/o Jeaneane `15 gbm

(I created this ironically 5 years to the DAY that my precious Bailey June lost her 6-year-battle to ph+ ALL) -- she passed away 5 months ago, just 2 weeks shy of what would have been her 12th birthday ... read her story:
(Bob, AJ's dad started this petition after he lost his son, AJ, just about a year ago).
Someone just sent this to me recently ... I'm not sure what the story is on this little boy.

But, the bottom line, the answer to your question is no ... the US Postal Advisory Commission has NEVER approved a stamp of this nature, but have improved the Egret commemorative stamp, and a coal miner commemorative stamp, olympics commemorative stamp, just to name a few. The money raised from a stamp like this would most likely eradicate most if not all of the 16 different childhood cancers ... similiar to what it has done for the breast cancer treatment.

We need to find a way to link all three of these stamps together ... and get millions of signatures ... soon!

Erica McManus
I submitted a stamp to the USPS with out BALD KIDS ROCK! logo (which my son wrote) and the gold ribbon through it. I sent it @2007 and they said the process takes 3 years. They also ask when you would like the stamp released and I requested Sept of 2010...and I sent the stamp design with a long ass letter with all the childhood cancer statistics, along with my Frankie's story. I recieved a response letter from them that they have recieved my submission and that it would go into deliberation. I havent heard yet but am currently thinking of writing a "follow up".-Monique Gebeline

Found this on Candlelighters website. I think they've been working on it for a while now.
I have contacted candlelighters and they are sending the stamp design I submitted to the USPS and my letter to the CEO of candlelighters-I am hoping to get them to apply their petition to our design! I will follow up and let you know if I hear back.
I was reading the FY2010 NCI budget today and I came across this information:
$4,855,539 revenue was received from the Breast Cancer Stamp in FY08.
i believe there is an application process as well on a state level.
Hi,to date one has not been issued. Since 2001, I have been working to w/the US Postal Service to issue a fundraising stamp, called a semipostal, for childhood cancer. The breast cancer stamp has raised millions for research, and one for children is long overdue!! Also,because of very powerful political allies, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Feinstein, the breast cancer stamp has been issued over and over. Next came the fundraising stamp for 9/11, then one for domestic violence, which did not do very well. I'd be happy to work with a group to move this stamp into a reality, and have a great deal of information to help with this endeavor.
Cyndi MacKinlay, Norwell, MA
proud mom of Andrew, 16, a cancer survivor


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