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I've been posting on myspace and a couple moms groups that I'm in. (including babycenter)
I thought about starting a group on babycenter, which is just a large network of parents, to increase awareness and hopefully get more members.
myspace, facebook. gunner's guestbook, i forward all AJ's pappa's emails.
i post petition flyers( the ones with the rip off tabs) almost everywhere i go. sometimes the whole thing is gone. sometimes just tabs. when i speak about my volunteering, i often segway into this site, and how it helps children.
i have a profile badge on all my websites, flickr is a pain, and thats the only one that doesnt link you here.

lets cafe press some shirts. id wear one. maybe even some bumper stickers and such. anything komen i see this week month, we should be doing.

our members are growing, i BELIEVE in us.
http://www.cafemom.com/... it has several groups for Childhood cancer awareness, all different types.... I started by posting on a group I joined last October.... moms of kid(s) with cancer, but there are several other groups there that break down into the different types of childhood cancer, the groups are anywhere from 15-300 member each... Will continue with invites there. (I think they are the ones for cafe-press also)
Classified ads - ask your child's school or teacher if they have a newsletter. If so, ask if you can place an ad in it.

This can also be done for work newsletters, military newspapers, church newsletters, possibly even big newspapers although I doubt those would be as easily seen.
AJ's Dad,

I spoke yesterday to Kate Shafer. I am the parent of a 6 year-old boy who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma earlier this year. The disease is now in full remission and he is back in school and playing soccer...and we are very thankful. I've found a lot of motivated parents on the LLS discussion boards who are ready to make next year's Pediatric cancer awareness month bigger and better than ever. I have a lot of ideas, and I want to see all of these parents channel their pain, their fear, their frustration into an organized movement. Here are my ideas, and some of the things I have already done---I'm ready to fight with you!
1. I sent an e-mail to Donny Deutsch's Big Idea show asking them to donate marketing help to our movement...personally I think we need a new symbol (not the gold ribbon that looks like a yellow ribbon) that is unique...and a great marketing plan. They could spend a few days working with us...put it on their show...they would look good, we would get great advice and exposure. I put in my e-mail that EVERYONE knows it's breast cancer awareness month....but that even most cancer parents didn't even know that last month was pediatric cancer awareness month....and we want to make next year different.

2. The COG notebooks that most of us were given at the hospital when our child was diagnosed should have a page showing how they can get online to join your website.

3. I think working in close coordination with Kate Shafer is important so that we don't duplicate efforts.

4. Form an executive committee whose purpose is to organize the Pediatric Cancer Awareness effort for next September. this group can create a plan and a task list, and have regular conference calls.

5. We have so many parents and grandparents and siblings with a variety of skills and talents...we need to survey them (about their work experience, talents, education, and connections)...then assign them to tasks that best match their abilities.

I am so happy you are doing what you're doing. Please let me know how we can work together!

Heather Endresen
Yorba Linda, CA
What about when we have blood drives passing out flyers about curesearch and the pac2 website. If the drives are being held in honor of a child with cancer this gives people information to read and let them know how else they can help.
As a "newly recruited" member- I was wondering how many new members are there this week? Is there a goal? How many existing members are there? There might be an easy place to find the answers, but I a just kind of learning the site. I came from the LLS board where we were getting antsy. I had signed the petition many moons ago, but never really "got it" about this site. I will be posting an invitation on the Caringbridge site, but I want to encourage persons who join to be more than in name. Persons who want to do a quick "something" then go on with their lives certainly have a place (especially in fundraising), but my understanding is that this is the place to stamp our feet and yell so people will start to realize there is more than breast/prostate cancer.
Hi Heather,

and thanks for joining. Short answers to your questions:
#1 - 200 members in the past 7 days
#2 - 1405 members right now
#3 - I keep the total membership number updated in the top left Welcome to PAC2 Message box, along with the Petition number (at the bottom)
#4 - this is absolutely the place where WE will - organize and plan and TAKE ACTION as one voice united against childhood cancer. And you are right, this is not a quick do something group, what we hope to accomplish will take time and persistence. But that won't stop us.
Search out any guilds associated with your childrens hospital and contact them...
I think it would be great for the member numbers if you tapped into the colleges, possibly even narrowing it down to fraternity/sorority/Greek Life - these kids are always on the computer and have "friends" in mass. I know personally Penn State has a huge fund raiser/dance "THON" Marathon all to benefit pediatric cancer. I believe (at least several years ago) Indiana University focused on Aids and I also know that only a smaller scale than Penn State, Rutgers students too are extremely active when it comes to pediatric cancer. I am sure that all the colleges at some point have a community service "pet project". I also believe that any of the universities on board would generate incredible exposure and some unbelieve resources based on the students talents. College students, in various programs not just Greek Life could be tapped into - all the education students, pre-med/nursing, marketing, computers, communication majors, etc. all have the ability to "share" their expertise and their buddy list. They are a HUGE population and tapping into them provides AWARENESS for Now and the Future!
Randy....this is a great idea. Is this something you are working on?
I have an idea. It seems every time we go to a place where we sit and wait (like a doctor's office), we forget to bring something to do. MAYBE that's why those offices allow people or businesses to place brochures and pamphlets on the counters or tables. It gives people something to read and the kids something to play with and keep them calm. So WHAT IF we (you, me, or someone else) can make a small brochure with all the facts about Childhood Cancer, and we print THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of these brochures and distribute them to doctor's offices and such. Maybe we can get a business like Office Depot or such to print them out for free, or at least give us a discount. I imagine this could be done anytime and by the time next September comes around, well, more people will be aware and say "Oh yeah, I read about that the other day. I wonder what I can do to help."

So, what do you think?

Gina Rodriguez


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