I know they are more innovative then mine.......

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Anyone working on these brochures?
I could work up some brochures if you guys like! I would just need some sort of outline to know what all you want on it, etc...
I am going to talk to my former employer...a well-known surgical office...(they have the fax numbers to every medical provider in the county and surrounding areas). I will see if I can go by there and fax flyers to all of these offices. Also, what about some window clings for our cars?? I love the bumper sticker and T-shirt idea.
christy cooper
Window clings are a great idea along with t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, etc, but again we need that unified logo/symbol agreed upon first. Once this occurs then we can get them made.

Check out the discussion about the logo/symbol in Awareness under the Forum section. Ideas would be appreciated.

Karen, Angel Emma's mom
Karen....FYI...logo is being worked on....as soon as we have some samples we will post them.
ugh. ive recruited a few, yet i dont know how HELPFUL they are.

maybe we can mass email the orginizations whom havent joined us here yet.

it seems harder than it should be to get petition signatures with all these new members.


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