Hopefully some answers anyway. I am sure there will be some confusion on the operation of the Site, and how you do this and that. Ask your questions here, I will do my best to answer.

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Should I be the first one to reply? Was wanting to see how the discussions worked....if you could easily see all of the replies....but couldn't tell yet since there were none!
So in other words....test....test.....test.
Yeah, good point! I had not seen it yet either. I think this will indent on yours Kathi.
By hitting "Reply to This" under the message, you fall under that message.
But by just replying to the original post, you can ask your question, then others can reply with answers (after we ask the kids how to do it!)
This is great, it's like a grown up Myspace only BETTER, because we can actually make a difference in finding a cure. Kuddos to all of you for doing this. It's great!!!!
that's exactly what I thought, an adult myspace LOL (we can do LOL and they [kids] won't even know we did)
How do you add a photo slideshow like you have?
I will give it a shot,

1 - on your "My Page", go down to the Photo section.
2 - in the top right you should see an Edit tab
3 - click and it gives you options of how to display the pictures

Full photo help is found here.
Got it! You have to create and album in order to put your photos in the order you want them in.
How do you send a new message. It asks for an email address.....
you have to go to the person's profile page and then click that little envelope under their profile.....it says Send a Message
How do you start a new group? I thought I had the link two days ago, however am not finding that now... may be overlooking something, Thanks!


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