Money being sent to defense instead of fighting cancer

Hi All,
My family just went to church then dinner with many friends like we do every Saturday night. It was a nice visit with everyone until the discussion turned to the Presidential race. I said I am not thrilled with either of the candidates. The concern I have of McCain is that he is military and I am not in favor of the war. I have NEVER been a political person! It was only when I took my first trip to Washington DC in April to be an advocate for Pediatric Cancer funding that I became opinionated. I was given the agenda of pediatric cancer bills passed by the House or Senate and MANY of these were veto'd with a line through them and it said "aborted-money went to defense." I was horrified and VERY offended that the government would rather give billions to war instead of heal my child and the MANY other children fighting so hard to survive cancer. It really made me mad! When I told our 'friend' that I was not in favor of the war, I was ripped to shreads. He told me I was the most opinionated person he had ever met and belittled me in front of many people. I don't EVEN care what others think of me, but as a 'friend' I felt attacked. I told him I would love to know how he would feel if HIS child DIED because the money that should be finding a cure for pediatric cancer was going to the war?? I immediately left and have been crying hard ever since. I feel SO strongly that there HAS to be SO much more done for our heroic cancer kids. Our kids are dying daily because we can't get the funds to find a cure for them. It makes me so sad that people can't see it. I am even more disappointed that even my friends can't see it. Why can't they understand how little is being done to find a cure for our cancer kids??
I am sorry if I have offended those who are 'pro war' as that is certainly not my intention. My opinion is simply opinion. I don't force mine on anyone nor do I expect them to change theirs because of mine. We are all entitled to our opinion and shouldn't be nailed to the wall (as I just was) because we have an opinion that is different than theirs.
Sandy Barker

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You are so on target for the cause. I hate to say it but we can't see the forest for the trees??? Presidential Political issues don't matter. Oboma or McCain will never get the hard questions that we deal with everyday. Like "WHAT IF?" ..."WHY MY BABY BOY???" I take such a charge from your energy. I hope Garret, Gary and Kendall are still Strong. Keep the strength...I need it...we need it...coast to coast! God Bless. Know I am here when you need to talk.
First of all you have every right to your opinion without being attacked and belittled. Second of all it seems that if this person were really a friend he would be more sensitive to your thoughts....ESPECIALLY on this matter....knowing what you have been through. I am sorry you were treated that way. Some people are just very ignorant....until it is THEIR child or family member they will never get it. Let's just keep fighting for these kids....
Thinking of you.....
(kelsie's aunt)


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