A Seed of Idea - Walk Across US For Childhood Cancer Research

I have a dream of walking across the entire country, West to East Coast, to raise funds for childhood cancer research.  I thrive on endurance walking, but people think I'm insane when I mention this idea.  Do you?  I'm looking at 7 years from now that my child will hopefully be independent enough for me to take a year away to do this, but I believe others would join me along the way, and if I can coordinate sponsorships and PR ahead of time (obviously a few years from now), I think it is possible.  

I have interviewed a few people who have done the trek, and no one yet has done it for this cause that I have found.  One man who lost his mother to cancer walked 5000 miles (the long way) from Bellingham to Florida and raised $10,000 for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I do not intend to go the long way - 3000 miles is my goal. 

I want to be able to do something that is big enough that will make a difference in a specific research project, like for example Mike Jensen's Lab 

What do you all think?  Anybody with me in 7 years?  Nothing like planning ahead. . . 



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Im 13 and would do it in a heartbeat if my mom would 
Let me!!! In 7 years i will be o well i will be 20 so yea
It would he long and very enduring!!! I make cups for kids with cancer if you want to 
Check it out here it is!!! 
My website: www.chemocups.com
My email: chemo.cup@gmail.com


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