I received an e-mail from Stand Up 2 Cancer asking me to write my reps in congress and the Senate to support the stimulus package since it increases funding for the NIH. I don't think I saw anything about it here on PAC2. Anyone know anthing?

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this from Kris Rech....


The United States Senate tonight approved an amendment to the economic stimulus plan that would provide a total of $10 billion to the National institutes of Health. The amendment, sponsored by Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA), Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Richard Durbin (D-IL), added $6.5 billion to the $3.5 billion already contained in the legislation for NIH research project grants, and both extramural and intramural construction projects. The measure was approved unanimously by voice vote.

The Senate is expected to remain on the economic stimulus legislation for the remainder of the week. Once action is completed by the Senate, the legislation will move to a Conference Committee comprised of members of the Senate and House of Representatives in order to resolve differences in the two versions of the stimulus bill. Once a final bill is approved by the Conference Committee, the legislation will require a final vote by both chambers before being sent to President Obama for his signature or veto.
Yes, Though I do not have the amounts in front of me right now.
I got an email from Senator Ben Nelson, NE, awhile back saying that he does support increased funding for the NCI and the NIH. He is on the Appropriations committee. He is trying to cut money out of the bill so I hope he remembers what he promised.
I found this on http://www.genoweb.com/stimulus-bill-holds-billions-nih-cdc
"The federal economic stimulus package that awaits both congress and the newly inagurated President Barack Obama includes $3.5 billion to the NIH." ( $1.5 billion to fund NIH research and $500 million to implement a plan for NIH campuses, $1.5 billion to NIH to renovate university research facilities.)

I guess we will have to wait to find out how this will provide help for childhood cancer, if it passes. Someone from CureSearch would know.
This afternoon the Senate, by a margin of 61-37, passed its version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the economic stimulus package). I am pleased to let you know that the $10 billion for NIH supported research was retained in this bill.

The bill will go to conference committe to work out the differences with the House version (there are many including a lower amount of funding for NIH-supported research in the House version) and the expectation is that the final bill will be on the President's desk for his signature by the end of the week.
Yea! Thanks Kate - so should we keep bugging our reps and senators to keep it at the $10 billion???
I saw today that Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., played an active role in making sure $10 billion for the National Institutes of Health wasn't cut back. Thank you notes? and/or contacting NHI to see how they are going to use it?
I sent a Thank You to Sen. Specter. Any ideas who/how to contact NIH?


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