I am using the PAC2 material and logo, but may people are asking about a specefic logo we want used on Sept. 13th. One for example is the local athletic director who is going to promote childhood cancer in the FB programs for all games at the four highschools and all JV and freshman games for the month of Sept. He also wants to have them all wear something on their jersey's or helmets. I am assuming college and the NFL will ask the same question. Are we allowing each "group" to decide on their own, use the standard gold ribbons, or do we want a PAC2 specific "logo". My concern is if we get all of these diffent logos and designs from all PAC2 groups as well as other organizations, we are somewhat defeating the purpose of "unity" and "one voice"...you think?

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This same topic came up under the....Group...Action.....NCCA 2009...New Symbol....part of this site. I posted the last idea, but nothing has been posted since. Several were throwing out ideas of needing a standard logo/symbol, something that was very easy to recognize and reproduce. Breast cancer has the pink ribbon and Komen has the pink ribbon with the ball on the top like a head. It's easy to spot and we all know what this means.

Several were saying that with childhood cancer being GOLD most people think of Yellow or use Yellow instead. If the ribbon was used and it's yellow then most think of Support our Troops. The color needs to be GOLD if the ribbon is used. Magnet America has a childhood cancer magnet and they use a gold ribbon in the background. The standard ribbon could be used and something could be placed across the middle like they have done for remembering the Virginia Tech shooting. They use the ribbon and then place the VT across where the ribbon crosses. I took the idea I posted (which was a blend of what others posted) to a graphic designer today. He wants me to come back in a couple of days to work on it. He said whatever we (PAC2) chooses needs to be simple and eyecatching.

Again with anything else we do we need to start developing a timeline for getting ideas, voting on what we like and then getting it produced. I believe we need a universal, standard symbol we ALL use. This will help with getting the word out especially when we get that national media attention, corporate sponsorships, merchandise, etc. This day will come, but we need to work now.

Any suggestions as to when we should shoot for the deadline to get in logo/symbol ideas. Say a month from now (12/12), two weeks (11/26)? Cause then we need to vote on the winner.......times ticking.

Karen, Angel Emma's mom
Kathi came up with this.......

whatever we come up with, I like the hands. Beyond that, I really dont care too too much.
Yes Karen, I think it needs to be simple and eyecatching and gold..not random shades of yellow. I love the PAC2 logo that Kathi created (thanks AJ's Dad...was not sure who did that). I love the hands and it is great for printed material, but how is anyone going to be able to read it on a car bumper, back of a T-shirt, or on the helmets of highschool, college and NFL players during the month of Sept. 2009 (I am going to do my best to assure this happens). I asked my 7 year old son, Jace, about logos when he asked what I was doing. He knows what the pink ribbons represent (granted, my mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor). He also talked about red ribbon week at his school (drug awareness), then he said, "You know, McDonald's has a good logo,we all know what those gold arches are." No words to describe what our kids teach us. Back to the topic...we need to address this issue.
I absolutely love Kathy's design!
What if we used a Dandelion to symbolize our group instead of a ribbon? When I think about dandelions I think about a useful plant that is resilient and grows in the harshest of conditions- just like our group. Dandelions symbolize childhood wishes and the first hint of spring. Maybe if people associated dandelions with childhood cancer they would think twice about using harmful herbicides/pesticides that have hinted at being a link for childhood cancer. We could kill two birds with one stone. Just a thought...

Jenni, Cliff's mom
Branching off AJs dads hands idea......

What if we had several children's hands reaching up toward the GOLD ribbon and a few grabbing the end of the ribbon. The ribbon would be in GOLD, not yellow, and the children's hands would be in primary colors. We could write CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER on the ribbon.


Same concept but at the bottom of the children's wrists there would be a horizontal ribbon with CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER written in it. The children's hands are still reaching up toward the GOLD ribbon, grabbing at the end of the ribbon. Children's hands are still primary colors. At the top of the ribbon we could write in it the word HOPE.

Hope someone can visualize these ideas until I can get a picture drawn up and posted. I am not an artist. Feel free to draw and post till then.

Karen, Angel Emma's mom
Karen....I posted in the other thread for you also but want to let you know the logo is being worked on. Thanks for your thoughts. Will post some samples when we have them.
Annette's Aimee did a BRILLIANT drawing of "ribbon kids" and her mother gave me permission to play with it a bit. I think that "ribbon kids" is such a wonderful idea and I applaud Aimee for her amazing creativity!!

I came up with a few different designs, and I haven't "committeed" yet with the Team Unite folks, but I was excited and wanted to share them here. We'll probably end up using one of these for some upcoming bumper stickers, t-shirts, and other items.


THESE ARE AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOME.i love love love warrior princess Aimees drawing, and these are excellent interpretations of it.

I love the ribbon design!!!!!

Cliff's mom
Wow! There is some real talent out there. I currently have a gold ribbon pin in my name tag. No one asks what it stands for- they all "get" that a ribbon means some sort of something personally important. I am sure they have no idea what. I LOVE the idea of going away from a ribbon. In my mind, it needs to be simple, easily duplicated in various mediums and eye catching. I think Brandi's point about easy read-ability is important. I am sorry- I cannot recall where I saw this- so I can't credit the originator of the idea, but someone suggested a Gold Balloon. I really liked the idea. It is simple, we can create jewelry, bangles, pins etc., we can just blow up balloons and we can incorporate it into all of the great graphics I have seen here. I am trying to think of something that will be eye catching, intentional and easily accessed. The only problem is getting buy in from all those other folks out there.



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