We are now asking each and every team NFL franchise to recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month both on air and in the stadiums. We ask the NFL group to join us in sending packets to these teams.

Let me start by telling you what has been done thus far;

As most of you know from an earlier post, Commissioner Goodell’s office was contacted and one of his assistants did get the packet into the correct hands for us. The directors in his office stated that the Commissioner does not make these decisions for the entire NFL to follow. They said they currently only back the Play 360 and What Moves You campaigns. The teams make decisions on their own for the other organizations and causes to support. They said the teams all came to them as a whole wanting the NFL to recognize October as National Breast Cancer Month.

That being the case, Michelle contacted the Eagles first. They support The Eagles Fly for Leukemia foundation. She did use the original letter we wrote to the commissioner and simply changed it to focus on the Eagles and their Eagles Fly for Leukemia. They were willing to look at the packet and are the first team out of five to respond. They did not say yes, however they have not said no either. This is what they told Michelle:

The Eagles are considering it and when they get their schedule for the upcoming season, they will sit down and plan their stadium events. The woman, who contacted her, did say that if it was something they could not or did not want to do, they would simply have said "NO" right off the bat.
So, we ask you now to start helping in making contacts to all teams. We think we need to get these requests in as soon as possible, before they make final plans for their seasons and can easily brush us off. PAC2…. Let’s make them think!

The following teams are currently being contacted and have packets;
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants
Pittsburg Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Houston Texans

We need to contact the other teams in the NFL. If you can help, please do, simply take the letter below and change it to feature the team you are targeting (addresses and the community relations managers can be found on the team's official website)and ask them to feature organizations they are already involved with as a franchise or through their player’s foundations. (Master list of contacts in the NFL group.) We do suggest making a contact in their office and let them know you are sending them a packet to consider. This can be done by going to the team’s official website go to the team’s front office tab and it will give you a list of all personnel. Find the community relations manager or director. The commissioner’s office did tell us this is the best person to contact for each team. If you have other people you know can help you in making the contacts through personal experience or your hospital, I’m sure this can also help….Best of luck and let us know who you are contacting so we don’t all double up the work. We know if we can just find the right person we can light a spark for these kids!!! The following are links to the documents and stories we used. We are attempting to keep the main letter consistent so the teams know exactly who to contact and we can reach Bob, PAC2 and some organizations that are set up and ready to respond in a quick manner. Please add your stories, pictures, contacts or anything you believe may be helpful.

Thank you PAC2 and the NFL Group!

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Well, good news/bad news ...

Still haven't heard anything definitive back from the Redskins (a lot of "I'll forward your message to so-and-so...").

Butttt ... I heard back a number of times from Melissa Gibbs (JD Gibbs' wife/Joe Gibbs' daughter-in-law). She gave me a few more names to contact over at the Redskins headquarters, ANDDDDD ... I told her it would be really cool to see a Gold Ribbon on a Joe Gibbs' Racing NASCAR car (JD Gibbs runs that organization). She LOVED the idea, and said she'd talk to JD about it.

So, anyhooo, I thought that was exciting! :)

Still waiting on answers from the eagles, giants and steelers. The schedule for the upcoming season came out tuesday night at 7:00. I am getting ready to send out to the jets and the patriots. I did speak again with my contacts at the eagles and giants again recently and the problem that we may be up against is the fact that the teams only have 8 home games this season and some of the teams may only have 1 home game in september. I tried to get as much of the schedule of each team tuesday night on espn but it was just to much info to process all at once just coming off steroid week with my son. ha ha. I will update when i hear back from the teams i contacted.
I will contact the Dallas Cowboys
I will do the Seahawks.
I'll work on the Bears
Oops! Looks like someone's working on the Bears, but my husband has some pretty strong connections at the Colts. We'll go there...


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