My mom and I had an idea this year (Sept. 2008) to get gold balloons, write "Childhood Cancer Awareness" as well as my daughter's name and dx on it, and we wrote the names of more children who are fighting Cancer or are now angels because of Cancer and/or its treatments on other balloons. We then folded them up and included them into our letters to the Senators on the Defense Appropriations Committee.

My idea for next year is to find a national corporate sponsor (actually, more than one would be great) who would be willing to donate any or all of the proceeds from their gold balloon sales in the month of September to CureSearch. That way, when we adorn our mailboxes or the front of our homes on the next "National Childhood Cancer Awareness day" with balloons, that money will go towards much-needed research.

This year, another mom who participated in our balloon movement Sept. 13th told me that her neighbor asked her whose birthday it was. My hope is that next year, and in future years, no one will ask that question when they see those gold balloons on National Childhood Cancer Awareness day. They'll see the names, remember the children, and send their donations to Alex's Lemonade, CureSearch, or another worthy organization.

I'm already working on finding willing sponsors, but I'm wondering if anyone would like to join me in this effort?

Amy Bucher
proud mom of ^^Arden^^ (forever 3)
and Grayson (almost 2)

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I'll ask my neighbor who is a manager at Kroger. I'll also ask Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. Know managers in a few. I'll check Walmart...husband knows a manager. If any corporate names/numbers come I'll post.


1) WHEN IS National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day? Sept. 12th or Sept. 13th.
Thought it was 13th, but then info from RTD said asking congress for 12th.

2) WHERE ARE the paper balloons coming from....whose making? got template?

Karen, Angel Emma's mom
Sept. 12 this year. Thanks for the help, but they will not be paper balloons, but real balloons. This is why I'm concentrating on the stores that already sell balloons. Walmart, CVS, and others don't sell already-inflated balloons. Thanks again for the help, Karen!
Just to remind everyone to PLEASE decorate your mailboxes, the fronts of your homes, on September 12th with GOLD balloons (they can be latex or mylar - whatever gets attention.) Write the names of the children who have been diagnosed, who are in treatment, N.E.D. or angels on them. Then, at the end of the day, instead of releasing them, deflate them and put them in letters to your Representatives and Senators, reminding about National Childhood Cancer Awareness day and urging them to keep up their commitment to funding research for less toxic, more curative therapies for Childhood Cancers.

And... if you have an ACME Market near you, please support them and purchase your balloons there. They will be presenting CureSearch with a generous check, a donation to reflect a portion of the sales of gold balloons during the month of September! I will post with information as to when and where the check presentation will be held!!

Thank you!!!


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