I know there are many vidoes on youtube with photos of children, but how about something fresh and new in honor of CCAM but not just photo slideshows, actually recorded conversations/interview of kids /families with cancer, those in the fight, those in remission, those who have lost children...etc....with some information about funding and PAC2 at the end. It would take some work to put it together, and I am not qualified....but anyone else have any thoughts or connections to do something like this???

We could put it on youtube, then post on FB, blogs, any other social media possible.

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HI Kathi,

I agree that Youtube video would be a great avenue to spread the word in September.

A couple of weeks ago a high school friend sent me a link to a Youtube video (via Facebook) of a young girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The family shared her story, asked for prayers and included a link to her caringbridge page. The video has had over 55,000 hits and her caringbridge has been viewed over 495,000 times..... in less than 3 weeks. It is truly amazing to see how her story has spread. (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mcraekate)

It would be great to create a video that could draw people in and introduce them to PAC2. Unfortunately, I don't have any skills in the video making department. However, I would be happy to help in any way that I can.

Kelly....do you know any families currently being treated at SEA childrens? Since no one here on PAC2 has volunteered....if we could find a family I could bring my video camera up and give it a shot!! I know of 3-4 families there right now but don't know them well. Once we got the video I think my husband could put the video together. Would be worth a try anyways......
I don't know any kids that are currently on treatment, but if needed we could try to recruit a child/ family.
awesome idea.
Something like this? (Click link to get to video.) I made it last August, before I had discovered PAC2, but you'll get the idea...

Maybe I can tweak it now that we know the end of our story, adding info about PAC2 to the end...


Amy....exactly. I remembered there was one on here but didn't look for it....so glad you found this thread! If you notice I even commented back when you posted it that people need to see it. I think if you could tweak it with an update, and maybe a few words on lack of funding and awareness that would be great. I think a little shorter would be great but not sure how you could do that.....

Thanks Amy!!!!
what if we just create one from pics of PAC2 kids, with, like Dave says....an ending like "write a check now to CureSearch" or something
you have how many pics of PAC2 kids for the banner?
Bob....not sure how many pics total as Marianne has them....but I will check with her.

My thinking with the video is there are MANY videos (picture slideshows) of pics of kids with something at the end about donating....not that those are bad....I just thought some actual interviews, photos or video of kids during treatment, so that people can SEE the pain and devastation, hear it in the voices, hear the kids viewpoint.

For example...if you haven't seen it, ALS has a video...about 20 min long if I remember right....tells of their story....Alex's story and ALSF story. I have had many friends watch it and they cry through it and by the time it's over they want to help.

Just my 2cents....but any way we get the word out is good.....
I think that a video will pack a different punch than a photo montage. Perhaps we should try to do both.
both would be great.
What about asking the filmmakers of "Lion in the House" if they could work with us and edit excerpts from the film with info on how to help at the end???


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