Joint CureSearch/PAC Initiative - Letters to the President

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer and PAC2 invite you to Take Action today!

We are all painfully aware that cancer is the leading cause of death in children, and yet it receives a fraction of the funding of adult cancers. Many of you are working hard to raise awareness to support research and programs that benefit children with cancer and their families. Let’s pull together to get the federal government and President Obama to commit to doing their part along with us.

Here is what you can do today along with thousands of others!

Send a hand written, “in your own words” letter to the President.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President and First Lady,

I am writing to you today about childhood cancer.…(please use this introduction to trigger “key word searches”)

  1. Tell him your story! 
  2. Ask him to include funding for childhood cancer research in his FY 2012 budget.  Remind him that the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act (PL110-285), which passed unopposed in 2008, authorizes $30 million per year for childhood cancer research and direct service programs.
  3. Let him know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and ask him to recognize the 40,000 children who are battling cancer today, the thousands of children whose lives are lost to cancer every year, and the 35 children who are diagnosed with cancer every single day.
  4. Remind him that this issue is significant enough in the minds of Americans to have been voted into his Citizens Briefing Book as #5 in America's Health Care Concerns.

Hand-written notes carry more impact. Pictures may help. We will continue this for the next 30 days, and frankly not sure if a
steady stream of letters or a big blast on a couple days is best. We
think a steady stream seems less orchestrated. If we all participate,
take action, just like those kids do......we can get this in September.....

For more advocacy actions, join the CureSearch Childhood Cancer Advocacy Network at and People Against Childhood Cancer (PAC2) at

Join us in Washington, DC June 21-22 for
Reach the Day 2010

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Today we write!
lol...great one Jenni!
Keep writing.
I emailed to everyone in my address book and also to all my daughter's former teachers in the public school district via each school web site. I also added a file with pictures of my daughter in treatment so they could print and include with their letter. I posted the above on my Facebook wall. Then I got very ambitious and made up a flyer to drop off at the 4H office. I am asking if my daughter, Claire, age 19, and I can appear at the local club meetings this month. Claire was a 10 year member and a 4 H teen leader well known in the county. Since I was also a Boy Scout and Girl Scout leader, I am contacting the scout councils and asking if I could speak at the local leader's meetings. Many youth organizations welcome community service project ideas for there members and if nothing else, the leaders may write to the president.

I am also going to write an letter to the editor of the local paper about the campaign. My daughter wants to get involved in awareness activities and talking to 4 H groups, where she was well known is a good place to start. She is doing well on maintenance and will return to college in August. Does anyone have any other ideas for spreading the word about this important campaign???
thats great Alice...keep going...

This is amazing. Thank you. You are an Xtreme-advocate. The President and the Congress are faced with multiple competing demands on their time and attention every day. The voice of the childhood cancer community has to be raised and persistent. I hope you and your daughter will consider coming to Washington, DC in June for Reach the Day. Bring your passion and your story to your members of Congress. For info and to register go to click on the Reach the Day icon on the home page.

I would love to know how many other have sent a letter to the President.
Senator Casey gave the girls and me tickets to see the president when he was here in Philadelphia recently. VIP on stage with him! He smiled and winked at the girls, he really was like a rock star. Anyway I gave his staffer a folder with pictures of the girls during treatment and a letter I wrote him about health care and the lack of funding for childhood cancer. I visited Casey in DC back in December and gave him the same letter to give the president. I am hoping he recieved one of them. As you know we are in a tight race here in PA between Specter and Sestak, we can't lose Joe! If he loses this senate race, he will no longer be in DC. We can't let that happen! I hope all of our famliles here in PA are aware of that and get out to vote next week!
Thank you very much for getting your girls in front of the President. It is the personal connection that makes the difference.

I am watching the PA race closely. I guess we will know something next Tuesday.



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