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August 22 - Melina McAlwee Brown
August 29 - Lisa Bender
September 5 - Monica Fochtman
September 12 - open

My old life ended with these words on September 1, 2004…

”You do know there is something abnormal on Levi’s CT, right?”


For a split second, I just knew the doctor was saying that to scare me, because I was overreacting.  Then, cold dread and an unnamable fear started creeping from my stomach through my body.  I literally couldn’t breathe.  I looked down at my sleeping Levi, age 4 1/2, who had slept 18 straight hours the day before.  He woke up, saw my tears and said “Don’t worry, Momma.  Everything’s going to be ok”.


Diagnosis – medulloblastoma, high risk, due to metastasis on his spine.  Surgery the next day left him mute, paralyzed, incontinent, drooling – the only thing he had left was the ability to scream.  The automatic paper towel dispenser in his PICU room would send him into a screaming fit that I feared would never end.  I couldn’t hold him for a week.  Four months (four days before Christmas) before I heard his voice again.  “Momma!” he said, with a proud, crooked little smile.


I signed treatment release forms that promised diminished intelligence, risks of secondary cancers, lack of spine growth that would cause a spider lack appearance (his arms and legs grow at a normal rate, while his spine stops at age four), and many, many nightmarish things.


My new life began on September 1, 2004.  This life is filled with drugs called cyclophosphamide and topotecan, synthroid and humatrope, terms like 54 gy and neuropsych examinations.  It is a life filled with fear, joy, anger, tears, laughs and hope.


I can’t “forget” that Levi had cancer.  Telling me to get over it is like telling a veteran to forget they have been to war.  I worry when Levi vomits or has a headache.  I cry myself to sleep when he tells me he was picked last at school.  I celebrate when he is invited to have a sleepover.  I soak in his hugs and giggles for all my friends who have lost their children.


I worry about Levi’s brothers and sister and all they have been through.  Siblings are the silent victims in this war.  So are grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I remember his 3 year old cousin visiting him in PICU saying “Levi still has a boo-boo?”


Levi’s treatment gave him lots of future “gifts”.  Thyroid failure, growth hormone shots, IEP’s, fear of secondary cancers….  Not acceptable!


WE are the voices of our children.  No one loves them like we do!  We must fight for better treatments, more government funding for research, increased awareness at their schools of the long term effects of what they have been through – God willing that they get to even return to school!


I fight.  I fight for Levi, I fight for your child, I fight for all children.  Our voices MUST BE HEARD!

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Love you and yours, Melina!!  Always in our hearts and prayers!!
Love you, too!
Levi's Mom,

Thanks for sharing your story and inspiration about your sweet boy. I am glad to see that the Story Room is back on PAC2. I think it makes all us understand how many struggles continue.

AJ's Auntie
Thank you, Connie. I'm so honored to be a part of the Story Room and can't wait to read the upcoming entries.


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