Lukas is fighting HIGH GRADE III GLIOMABLASTOMA,Pineoblastoma, and Neurocytoma.Lukas was finally fully diagnosed &graded towards the end of November last year. (2013).THERE are no word's for the shock our whole family felt.I could not believe how long it took to get his diagnosis. Then everything started flying &moving along so quickly.WE knew he had 3different types of tumors in his brain, from the initial finding by catscan, and MRI. Then while in the ICU@Dayton Children's Hospital!THEY had to relieve the pressure on his brain, from all the spinal fluid that could not escape normally.HIS neurosurgeon took as many samples as he could. Day's later he had to go back into surgery for his MUCH needed shunt! His neurosurgeon called us out into the hall to show us everything they were seeing in his brain. We were in total disbelief, his tumors are very fast growing, they had spread all throughout his brain like little fingers (the GLIOMA).THEN we got an even more punch to the stomach, when we were told his tumors are totally inoperable!HIS brain tumor samples ended up being sent to 4different pathologist. Childrens, ST JUDE, John Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering!!!! The waiting for all the results were part of the hardest part in our journey. I'm sure it is for any parent! His 6week's of everyday severely strong radiation, also included every day TEMADOR (Chemotherapy pills) .Lukas lost his hair the second week. That was very hard on him, he was only 14at the time .WE tried to make Christmas as special &filled with family visits as possible. More later! !!

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