APRIL 2014

April 1

Potential for preserving fertility in young boys who undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. New research addresses the safety of an option scientists are developing for boys who aren't sexually mature and cannot bank sperm.   Fertility

LeBron James of the Miami Heat meets with 16 year old Ebony, who is doing something far more difficult than leading the NBA in scoring or winning an NBA championship -- she's battling childhood cancer.  ‎LeBronMeetEbony

The Power of moms in the fight against pediatric cancer.  Cindy Campbell's son Ty was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer when he was 2 years old and lost his battle just after his fifth birthday. Soon after, Cindy realized that she needed to raise money for the thousands of children just like Ty.  Mom Power Video 

The Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research bringing stars of American Broadcasting Company hit show Nashville into the fight against childhood cancer!    Actors and musicians Charles Esten and Clare Bowen — better known to fans of ABC's "Nashville" as "Deacon" and "Scarlett" — will help raise funds for childhood cancer research at a charity event in Nashville on April 19.  Rally Rumble 

Thanks (again) to Northwestern Mutual and the Milwaukee Brewers for their support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). For every stolen base they will donate $1000! Brew Crew - Let's see tons of steal signs this year!!   Stolen Base Funds 

A great example about how study and research about the best ways to treat pediatric cancer patients can then translate into better care for adults. It shouldn't always be study the adults first and then retrofit to kids:  Younger Patients with ALL could Bypass Transplant 

"Neuroblastomas, which account for 15% of childhood cancer deaths, happen when some cells do not differentiate and grow as they should. A promising type of therapy called differentiation therapy targets these malignant cells so they can resume the process of differentiating into mature cells."  Targeted Therapy for Neuroblastoma 

Expert oncologist not included in childhood cancer survivors study group


Doctor’s suggestions for change in treatment of ‘late effects’ rejected by provincial health authority.   Dr. Chris Fryer should be on Task Force 

April 2

Air Pollution and Hydraulic Fracturing: Better Monitoring, Planning and Tracking of Health Effects Needed in Texas.  Higher rates of Childhood Leukemia and Lymphoma Found

Workers from Hacettepe University in Turkey reviewed the records of 70 pediatric patients who received spinal tumor surgical removal. They found that sensory function, motor function and activity of daily living of children who received early rehabilitation at day 4 after surgery were significantly.  Early Rehab

The 2014 Neuroblastoma Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) Symposium will be held April 27-19 in Grand Rapids, MI. Our thanks to Dell for its support!! NMTRC 2014 Symposium

"How do you teach a little boy about dying? Gavin doesn't get it and that's okay.  On October 4, 2007, Ty Louis Campbell came into this world, and our lives changed forever. We never knew love like that before. Then, on August 11, 2010, our lives changed forever again. A mass was found at the base of his skull and Ty was later diagnosed with an extra renal rhabdoid tumor; a very rare and aggressive cancer.  Our Little Fighter 

In honor of Gabriella. If you are in the DC area, or even if you're not, please Save-the-Date of September 21, 2014 to attend CureFest.

Mindfulness-based meditation helps teenagers with cancer.  Mindfulness-based meditation could lessen some symptoms associated with cancer in teens, according to the results of a clinical trial intervention. Mindfulness-based meditation focuses on the present moment and the connection between the mind and body.  Mindfulness  

Google childhood cancer sucks and you find all kinds of things.   SERIOUSLY??? The only kind that is good is the kind that DOESN'T exist! So more funding, more research, and we may get to the point where it doesn't exist!  No good Cancer 

April 3

Man charged with stealing donations for kids with cancer from New Jersey diner.  As he waited by the register, he picked up a donation jar belonging to the Hugs for Brady Foundation and emptied the money into his jacket pockets, according to police.  Thief

Today, the Millers will be in the Oval Office, watching the president sign the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act into law.  President signs Law                                                                                                                           

A newly discovered genetic mutation is more common in teens and young adults than infants with neuroblastoma.  Gene Discovery Gives Clues to a Childhood Cancer. 

News from Texas and the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas:  CPRIT Opens RFA For Individual Investigator Research Awards Targeting Childhood, Adolescent Cancer Researchers.  Research Awards

April 4

16 year old Pearce Quesenberry tells us about fighting and surviving childhood cancer.  Pearce says "Because of the amazing work of scientists, we have real hope like we never had before.  Passing a Baton to Build Hope for Cancer Patients 

Collaboration between Childhood Cancer Canada and St. Baldrick's Foundation, and how a childhood cancer survivor pays it forward.  Scholarship inspires student’s chance to give back

It's good news, genomics continues to open doors: "With whole-genome sequencing, we are gaining new insights into the way various mutations in TP53 promote the development of osteosarcomas.  New Insights

“The Children’s National Health System is proud to partner with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Siemens Hearing Instruments to provide free hearing aids to children with brain tumors and other forms of cancer who have suffered severe hearing impairments from either the tumor or treatment.”   Partnership to Distribute Hearing Aids 

Wilton father named to cancer foundation's board of directors.  Snyder is the founder and "Chief Inspiration Officer" at Inspira Marketing Group, a promotional and marketing company housed in Norwalk. He is also the father of a child battling a rare form of cancer.  ALSF 

April 6

Hyundai Hope on Wheels just announced a grant to COG of $2M to fund Every Child! It's their biggest grant ever and COG's priority project to capture biology and outcomes of every child diagnosed with cancer in the US. Thank you! And thanks to Kids V. Cancer for the pointer.  Grant Announcement 

April 7

Dying patients denied drugs.  By the time he was given permission to use an experimental drug it was too late!  Compassionate use: Their stories.               

Share the photo and Hyundai Hope On Wheels will give $1 to American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) pediatric cancer programs. Simple.....PLEASE SHARE!

Hyundai Hope on Wheels grants $2 million to Project:Every Child. Dr. Peter Adamson, Chairman of the Children's Oncology Group said "This crucial funding will ensure that every child diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. will be eligible to participate in and benefit from the advances in research from Project:EveryChild, regardless of the rarity of the type of cancer."  Research Grant 

From our friends at PLGA Foundation & A Kid's Brain Tumor Cure -- Free Seminar.  Dr. Mark Kieran Presents: Long Term Survivorship Outcomes For Children Battling Low Grade Glioma Brain Tumors.  Seminar-May 5th 

YOU can be part of a Guinness World Record with St. Baldrick's Foundation!  What a record-breaking day on the Today Show!  Sending huge CONGRATULATIONS to David Alexander who broke the Guinness World Record for the most heads shaved in 1 hour, by 1 barber on behalf of St. Baldrick's (73 heads)! 

April 8

Come on PAC2! St. Baldrick's Foundation still needs about 10 shavees to be on the Today show Wed morning and help break the Guinness World Record! Your hair's getting too long anyway, and it's a FREE haircut!!   

Helium ion radiotherapy proven to be safer for pediatric cancer treatment.  Step by step we move towards less toxic treatments for children with childhood cancer.  Safer Radiotherapy 

Our thanks to Toby Keith for all he does to fight childhood cancer!  Toby Keith Turns Auctioneer to Help Kids with Cancer.  Auction and Golf Classic For Pediatric Cancer Families

Prof. Hawkins believes that this discovery could lead to better treatment. "We're hoping that by having a better genetic characterization of these cancers we can try to better target these tumors and provide a personalized approach to treatment.  Hope For Previously Incurable Brain Cancers 

The new research could help physicians choose targeted agents with a better chance of combating pediatric high-grade astrocytomas, which are extremely difficult to treat with radiation and surgery.  Potential drug targets in deadly pediatric brain tumors 

Teen Shaves Her Head For Charity But Barred From School Unless She Wears A Wig.  Haven't we seen enough of this? 

12 months ago St. Baldrick's Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer announced the Pediatric Cancer Dream Team. 6 months later they report on their progress.  Dream Team Progress

Nearly 60 childhood cancer groups working together -- Coalition Against Childhood Cancer.  Member Organizations

"Society never found a name in any language, in any culture, for a parent to lose a child. It is unnatural, it is wrong, and in a society as sophisticated as we are, it is unacceptable."  Dr. Leonard Sender Speaks About His One Wish in the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer.  Video 

Another chance to share and raise money for the AACR Pediatric Cancer Research Programs through Hyundai Hope On Wheels. Please "like" but also SHARE. $1 for each SHARE!  

April 9

Kennedy said that as a lawmaker he would draw on his own experience as a childhood cancer survivor to fight for the rights of the disabled.  Ted Kennedy Jr. announces run for Connecticut state senate seat.  Promise For Childhood Cancer Fight 

Lacey Holsworth, Best Friends With MSU’s Adreian Payne, Dies.  Princess Lacey has achieved the ultimate victory. She now dances among angels 

Changes at Chimerix, the company that originally withheld a life-saving drug from 8 year old Josh.  After public relations battle, Ken Moch resigns as Chimerix CEO.  Chimerix (Nasdaq: CMRX) announced Chief Medical Officer Dr. M. Michelle Berrey as his replacement.

5 Things You Didn't Know  National  Lemonade Days.  Join us, June 6-8!   So far in 2014, we have 32 of 50 states participating. Sign UP

St. Baldrick’s Foundation breaks the world record for most shavees in an hour by 1 barber; and all was shown live on the Today Show!   

April 10

It's National Sibling Day and there's some great news! Our friends at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation are pleased to announce that SuperSibs! will become part of ALSF! The SuperSibs program will continue to provide comfort and care services to siblings of children with cancer.  SuperSibs

April 11

Common sense health for young adult cancer survivors.  Research Findings by Cox’s Team

When Cancer Research UK funded scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, studied biopsy samples from a type of childhood glioma called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG,** they found that a quarter of them had an extremely rare genetic flaw which could be a potential new drug target.  Genetic Flaw is Key

"Even months after their child's diagnosis and treatment, 46% of mothers still exhibited symptoms of clinical anxiety, and 26% of mothers showed depressive symptoms."  Lack of sleep, increased stress are common maternal experiences after a child's ALL treatment.

Don't you want a custom 2014 Corvette Stingray w/3LT AND to fight childhood cancer?  it belongs to Jeff Gordon Purchase a $100 ticket today.  Drawing by JG Foundation

As the polite thing to do, and to encourage her to continue and expand her involvement, would you help out with the#ThankYouTaylor campaign?!  Thank You Taylor Swift Photo

April 13

"Team Jack has now raised more than $1.5 million for childhood cancer research, thanks to his touchdown run video."  Boy's Husker TD run raises money for research 


April 14

Gene linked to pediatric kidney cancer could help in kidney regeneration.  Researchers have said that about one-third of cases of Wilms tumor, a pediatric cancer of the kidney, are linked to a gene called Lin28.  Study Holds Promise for Better Treatments 

Dr. Timothy Triche and his team at The Saban Research Institute at our hospital are working to find better and safer treatments for children with cancer. His team is developing nanotechnology in order to deliver targeted chemotherapy payloads directly to the cancer cells, leaving the healthy cells in tact.  Searching for New Treatments for Pediatric Cancer

In PEC every type of childhood cancer, no matter how rare, will be studied by the more than 200 pediatric cancer programs of The Children’s Oncology Group, and thanks to our friends at HHOW for the huge donation!  Thanks to our Buds…Hyundai Hope on Wheels

The Fault in Our Stars--Coming this summer!  Josh Boone's feature adaptation of John Green's The Fault in our Stars arrives in theaters this June.   Clip Revealed at MTV Movie Awards 


April 15

Over 500,000 have liked this photo, which is incredible in terms of spreading the awareness that children get cancer.  But how many of those 1/2 million realize that nearly 16,000 kids are diagnosed annually? That 1 in 5 of those kids will die within 5 years?   News 9 Photo

if you ever had to explain what hospice is to your child, you'd be pissed too!  NCI Funding: more lies, damn lies and statistics...AJ’s Dad Post

Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction 2014: "Tom's River" by Dan Fagin a book about industrial pollution in New Jersey and how that pollution apparently is linked to a cluster of childhood cancer cases.  Prize Winner 

April 16

We'd much rather post positive news on research, but this, once again, reinforces the desperate need for new, less toxic treatments to save children diagnosed with cancer....“In fact, for survivors, the risk of illness and death increases significantly beyond the age of 35."  Pediatric cancer survivors at increased risk for mortality, morbidity after age 35.  Higher Risk

News on fighting NB, appropriately, from City of Hope Scientists.  Fighting neuroblastomas by blocking DNA replication, repair gives new hope to patients with the deadly disease.  HOPE

Our thanks to Susan Weiner the founder and president of Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy for her tireless service to the cause.  Celebrating a Milestone: 15 Years of Policy Progress

Yep, that's Will Ferrell on CNN supporting the gang at Cancer for College.  Will Ferrell's college friend Craig Pollard started 'Cancer for College' after battling cancer twice nearly cost him his life. The charity provides scholarships for current and former cancer survivors whose medical bills have left little for college.  Scholarships

April 17

Thank you Julia.  Diagnosed at 16: What Having Childhood Cancer Taught Me.  AML Diagnosis

Thank you Hyundai Hope On Wheels.  Hyundai Hope on Wheels Launches 16th Year in the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer and Announces $86 Million in Research Funding.  Nationwide Grant Program


April 19

The research done at the Haworth Innovative Translational Research Program has been highly successful at preventing relapse in children with neuroblastoma at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital."  Making advances in pediatric cancer

April 22

Chipper Jones backs fight against pediatric cancer.  The retired third baseman will match all donations for the next 10 days as he and the Jet Sports Management team continues to raise money and bring awareness to find a cure for the disease.  Thanks Chipper 

Hyundai Hope On Wheels Launches ‘Just One Wish’ Program In New York With Special Performance By Grammy Award-Winning Singer Michelle Williams.  16th year in the fight against pediatric cancer 

Children with cancer keep dying in part because, for all the advances of modern medicine, few drugs are being developed to combat the disease killing more American children than any other.  Why Aren’t More Pediatric Cancer Drugs on the Market?  In the last 25 years, just two drugs have been approved specifically to treat pediatric cancer in the United States.  Why 

Make your plans for CureFest!  CureFest 2014 is exactly 5 months away! Please join us on September 21 from 9:00 - 1:30 PM in Washington, DC for the largest collaborative childhood cancer event of its kind. We expect over 100 childhood cancer foundations and thousands of families and individuals.  Join Us

Developing STS as a protectant against the hearing loss often caused by chemo in children.  Adherex Announces Two Sodium Thiosulfate Presentations for Prevention of Ototoxicity in Children at ASCO Meeting.  Oral Presentations 

April 23

Clinical description of PTSD in children and parents.  For parent and child, a cancer diagnosis is a mental shock. And the physical shocks that follow that diagnosis- invasive treatments, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy are also difficult to bear, also potentially traumatising.  Childhood Cancer and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

If you're in San Diego, California please plan on attending Max's Ring of Fire's 6th Annual Touch A Truck on June 7 at Qualcomm Stadium. Last year over 6,300 people attended! And -- 100% of the ticket sales are directed to childhood cancer research.  Touch A Truck 

Congrats to the The Seany Foundation for winning pro bono public relations services from Clearpoint Agency- Public Relations.  Pro bono work allows childhood cancer foundations to spend your donations on their mission - fighting childhood cancer.  Recipient of Pro Bono 

"So, if I had to sum up the life lessons that Andrew taught me........"  How the Death of a 14-Year-Old Best Friend Impacts a 15-Year-Old Young Man.  Andrew’s Best Friend 

Congratulations to Larry Chloupek for finishing yesterday's Boston Marathon - on crutches! Larry lost his leg to bone cancer when he was 7.  2014 Boston Marathon: Larry Chloupek a marathoner like no other. 

Stronger | Seattle Childrens Hospital.  The hemoncology floor of Seattle Children's Hospital performs Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger” YouTube Video

April 24

" Made possible by a generous $2 million gift from the Virani family, the funding will support the development of better diagnostic and therapeutic approaches with the goal of finding a cure for Ewing sarcoma."  New Center at Texas Children’s 

“Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among children in developing countries, which affects over 250,000 children every year. Around 90,000 children die from cancer each year and 80% of them are from low and middle-income countries”.  United Efforts Essential 

Young women treated for childhood cancer with chest irradiation have an elevated risk of breast cancer.  CCSS included 1230 female cancer survivors treated with  chest irradiation. 

"In the wake of the amazing story of Josh Hardy, I have been personally contacted by three childhood cancer families desperate to save their child from an almost certain death at the hands of childhood cancer.  Behind the scenes, many unsung childhood cancer advocates worked tirelessly in an effort to obtain the drug that Josh's doctors knew would save his life.  The Compassionate Use Conundrum 

April 27

And thanks to NPR for the highlight! "It's not easy having cancer, especially when you're a kid. And it's even harder when that bald chemo head tells the whole world that you're sick.  Snoopy, Garfield And Friends Go Bald For Kids With Cancer

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