Feb. 1

"A new license plate in Illinois to raise money for childhood cancer research will go into production if at least 1,500 orders are made."  License Plates to Raise Money for Childhood Cancer Research 

"Researchers surveyed internists -- primary care doctors for adults -- across the country and found that 51 percent of respondents said they had cared for at least one childhood cancer survivor. Among those doctors, 71 percent said they had never received a treatment summary for these patients.  Possible Gap Seen in Adult Care for Childhood Cancer Survivors 

Feb 3

Hey Brian Williams - we think the people and organizations that we are honored to report on Make A Difference and Pay It Forward every single day! They and the kids deserve a week-long special on every major network!  Although we may never get there; together we will cure childhood cancer. Here's the January 2014 news from around the childhood cancer community.  PAC2 Update-Jan. 2014 

Feb. 4

World Cancer Day--Join hands and voices across the world: debunk the myths.  Debunk the Myths 

Registration is now open for NMTRC's FREE childhood cancer symposium coming this April. Knowledge is power and Collaboration is the Key. Join them and hear right from the doctors working in the lab what they have learned and what they are looking forward to.  NMTRC Symposium 2014 

ACS estimates that nearly 16,000 kids under 20 will be diagnosed with cancer, and that the risk of being diagnosed with cancer before age 20 has increased to 1 in 285.  Childhood Cancer: Getting Less and Less Rare 

We love it when our friends get together: Thank you Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and I Care I Cure Foundation!  Successful Collaboration: Leveraging an Established Grant Review Process   CAC2

"But my family, we need no days set aside to be “aware” of cancer."  We are not strangers. We are intimate companions.  For two years, cancer has been an integral part of our family, as familiar in our home, and as permanent, as the walls themselves. It has come bursting through the front doors of our minds, planted itself deep into our beings, its boorish heavy roots pushing forcefully into the soft soils of our minds.   Cancer Daze    

Pediatric gliomas--radiation reduces long-term survival rates.  Long-term survival among patients with most common childhood brain tumor is high; lower if treatment included radiation   Brain Tumors Research

Feb. 5

Take a deep breath before you look at the photo of Super-bowl sign.  Insensitive Bar Sign Removed ! 


Feb. 6

Dear Ms. Michelle Obama, please consider this: Children with ALL are at risk of becoming overweight/obese early in treatment. Increases in weight are maintained throughout treatment and beyond.  Predictors of being overweight or obese in survivors of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)   Obesity and Survivors 

Gretchen Holt-Witt - Cookies for Kids' Cancer, Nancy Goodman - KIDS V CANCER, Barbara Canales - The Ready Or Not Foundation, Frank Kalman - Kids' Cancer Research Foundation, Lisa Tichenor - QuadW Foundation. #payingitforward #childhoodcancer   Everyday Heroes Video-Reader’s Digest 

St. Jude Thanks and Giving® Campaign Raises More Than $97 Million During the Holiday Season... Funds for Finding Cures and Saving Kids 

Our friends at Northwestern Mutual discuss Corporate Social Responsibility. Thanks for all you do NM!!  Women in CSR: Nichole Lecher 

The blanketAnother day – another child taken from his family by cancer – and I just sit and await to discover that I am once again wearing the invisible lead weighted blanket of depression.   Blog-Will’s Dad

Thanks for Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, five-year-old Brooks Russell is the newest member of Lipscomb’s baseball team.  Lipscomb baseball team signs 5-year-old as part of his fight to beat brain tumor   Brooks is a Signed Bison 

Catalog more cancer genes or study the most common ones already identified? That's the question at the end of the Cancer Genome Atlas project.  Cancer is a disease of genes gone wrong. When certain genes mutate, they make cells behave in odd ways.  Cancer Gene Atlas 

How can we get pharma working together this way on childhood cancer?  Drug companies have always been bad at collaboration. That’s changing.  New Drug Company Partnership 

Feb 7

The Working Group on Chemotherapy Drug Shortages in Pediatric Oncology has issued a consensus statement that focuses on the "core ethical values and practical actions necessary for a coordinated response to the problem of shortages by institutions, agencies, and other stakeholders."  Blueprint For Action May Prevent Drug Shortages 

Feb. 8

Team USA sled hockey goalie overcame childhood cancer and amputation. #childhoodcancer #olympics   Steve Cash Story 



Feb. 9

Dance Marathon--Iowa City!  Dancing To Help Fight Pediatric Cancer   Annual Marathon

Kids Rock Cancer--Maryville University.   The music therapy program at Maryville University has a program that's been offering its services to local pediatric hospitals since November 2009. It's called "Kids Rock Cancer" and helps children manage the physical and emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis and blood disorders.  Music Therapy 

Feb. 10

Hey Nebraskans, can you help?--"One Lincoln, Nebraska family is reaching out to state senators in hopes of bringing more attention and more dollars to pediatric cancer.  $1.8 million of the state's cash reserve could go to starting a pediatric cancer research organization at the University of Nebraska Medical Center if a bill passes in the legislature."  Cancer Research Bill 

Each year, Evan and Joshua Greenberg, two enterprising Mamaroneck youths, look for new and creative ways to innovate their annual hot cocoa stand in Scarsdale that honors the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. This year has been the best year yet.  Tech, Social Media, Help Scarsdale Cocoa Stand Take Off 

Feb. 11

"According to the FDA, the daunorubicin shortage has two primary causes: 1) Only two U.S. companies manufacture the drug, and one of them — Ben Venue Labs of Bedford, Ohio — went out of business in late 2013, and 2) The sole remaining U.S. manufacturer — Teva Pharmaceuticals of North Wales, Pennsylvania — announced a product recall due to “potential presence” of “particulate matter” in the drug.  FDA Shortage Update 

Feb. 12

Boy collects sneakers to help kids with cancer.  Max Cure Foundation--On the Today Show! Way to go Max!  Hope To It Video with Max 

Hey PAC2. Would you help our friend Katie out with this survey of parents of cancer kids? It's part of her dissertation at the University of Southern Mississippi and she would be honored to include your experience to better help families dealing with such a difficult situation in the future!  Survey Link 

Hey moms and dads, just an idea....This year, instead of or chocolates from on Valentine's Day, how about a small donation to Project:Every Child. In Project:Every Child, every type of childhood cancer, no matter how rare, will be studied by the more than 200 pediatric cancer programs of The Children’s Oncology Group, as we lead the way towards better cures. #childhoodcancersucks    Project Every Child 


Feb. 14

A momcologist story:  It's every parent's worst fear, lived out by Charlotte mom, Meg McElwain, as her son, Mitchell, was diagnosed with pediatric cancer at just 3 months of age. Join Meg as she courageously shares her family's story in a eight-part guest blog series, Witness to a Miracle: Mitchell's fight against pediatric cancer. 

"That was eleven years ago and the Ricci family has brought 5000 to 7000 toys a year to the children suffering from Pediatric Cancer at Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware."  Young survivor Brings Smiles to Cancer Patients 

16-year-old volunteer Erin Shaw submitted this cartoon to commemorate Valentine's Day. It shows a teen named Harold giving a box of candy to a girl at school. Harold is impressed with himself even though there is only a small piece of candy in the box. This situation summarizes the current federal funding levels for childhood cancer research.  Truth365 Timeline Photo 

Feb. 15

If you are interested in attending the NCI meeting on pediatric cancer drug development (2/21) in person, please RSVP by emailing Nichelle Lewis at: or by calling (301) 594-9896.  NCI Meeting Information 

Feb. 16

Way to go UVa! Thank you!  Dance Marathon Celebrates Raising $60,000 for UVA Children’s Hospital.  16th Annual Dance Marathon 

Dancing at The Ohio State University! Thank you!  Buckeyethon Raises $767,277.78 to Fight Childhood Cancer.  Charity Dance Marathon 

A great survivor story. Alex Nelson has become an elite swimmer, breaking records as she goes!  'I didn't want it to define her' - Hartland sophomore leaves cancer, competitors in her wake.  Kidney Cancer Survivor 

Feb. 17

My name is Natasha and I am a graduate student studying to become a psychologist. I have a very close friend who was diagnosed with cancer in her 20's, a grandmother that passed away from cancer, and another friend who was diagnosed in his early 20's with a brain tumor and ever since I have wanted to do something to help!...  Doctoral Study

Feb. 19

Dogs & kids with we know what the findings will show!   Clinical Trial Launches to Document Efficacy of Animal-Assisted Therapy for Child Cancer Patients and Their Families.  Trial 


Five months ago, 20-year-old Milton was diagnosed with cancer for the third time in his young life. He was given less than a 20% chance of surviving. But today he is expected to live a long, healthy life because of a new T-cell therapy treatment at Seattle Children’s that reprograms T-cells to detect cancer cells and destroy them.  Timeline Photo 

We went to the moon and tamed the atom through science and engineering working together. Check this out, a physical barrier restricting movement of cancer cells, no drugs-----"One factor that makes glioblastoma cancers so difficult to treat is that malignant cells from the tumors spread throughout the brain by following nerve fibers and blood vessels to invade new locations. Now, researchers have learned to hijack this migratory mechanism, turning it against the cancer by using a film of nanofibers thinner than human hair to lure tumor cells away."  Hijacking Tumors 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) will hold its 64th Meeting of the Director’s Consumer Liaison Group (DCLG) on Friday, February 21, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Campus in Bethesda, MD.  Video Cast – Barriers to Drug Development in Pediatric Cancer 

PAC2 is honored to have helped bring the original 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave together. Since, they've raised over $1 MILLION and, now, gone international!! Rock on Mommas!  Head Shaving 

Many times, like all of us, grandparents of kids with cancer are left feeling like they don't know what to do. Now, many of our friends and members of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer ( are banding together to make a difference.  Grandparents in Action 

The Truth 365 -  Have you signed the petition yet?  Justin Bieber Video…PRAY 

How many Presidents and CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations do YOU see saying things like "Hyundai Hope On Wheels is one of my favorite aspects of being with Hyundai"?  Helping Kids fight Cancer 

In case you missed it, childhood cancer is getting less and less rare. The American Cancer Society now estimates that nearly 16,000 kids under 20 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and that the risk of being diagnosed with cancer before age 20 has increased to 1 in 285.  PAC2 Timeline Photo 

Feb. 20

Hugely exciting news from our buds at KIDS V CANCER who are excited to announce that on 14th, Valentines Day, the FDA awarded the first Creating Hope Act voucher! The voucher was awarded to BioMarin for Vimizim to treat Morquio A Syndrome.  Creating Hope Act Voucher 

Feb. 21

This fraternity of Cancer Avengers was wise in ways beyond their years. When faced with the courage and bravery of these little superheroes, I had to give myself the "Put your big girl pants on" speech more than once.  An adult in the pediatric ward: What the littlest Cancer Avengers taught me 


Feb. 23

Really? The premise is he LIES about having a son with cancer? You have no idea how offensive that is. Disgusting and hurtful. #speechless #childhoodcancersucks and so does NBC and About a Boy.   PAC2 Post by Bob 

#PISSED After the The Olympic Games last night NBC ran a preview of About a Boy. In the opening scene the guy lies about having a son with leukemia to get the girl, had to turn it off so not sure what other totally offensive and hurtful crap happened after that.  Sneak Peek: About A Boy Video 

The guy LIES about having a son with leukemia?! Did you run out of other people to offend and had to take on the childhood cancer community? YOU WILL LOSE! I will never watch NBC again, and will spread word of your offensive and insensitive crap far and wide.  About A Boy Timeline 

God speed Jeff…PAC2 chats with Jeff Gordon about the Jeff Gordon Foundation and it’s work.  Interview 

Feb. 24

Thank you Penn State Dance Marathon!  THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world! It’s a year-long effort that raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer.  Timeline Photo 

Feb. 25

Re-Cap of the NCI-DCLG meeting last Friday from our friends at Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy:  On Friday February 21, the Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy (CCCA) was proud to participate in a full day meeting at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) with the Director’s Consumer Liaison Group (DCLG).  The entire day was devoted to barriers to drug development in pediatric cancer research — a first for this advisory board.  Overview blog 

Feb. 26

Fashion Funds the Cure!  Youngsters modeling at Fashion Funds the Cure earned thunderous applause from the 800-strong crowd absorbing sobering but inspiring statistics. In 11 years since the Pediatric Cancer Foundation asked cancer patients to be in the fashion show, 10 are in treatment, 70 no longer battle cancer, 15 passed away and $3.65 million has been raised for clinical trials and research, including $450,000 on Saturday night.  Pediatric Cancer Fashion Funds 

"Pediatric cancer is real. It's a hard pill to swallow that something so awful can happen to our little babies, teens, and young adults. Although today is Donna Day, every day we raise money towards research and a cure is a Donna Day."  Donna Day 



Relapse in the midst of blogging:  Mitchell has relapsed.  The leukemia is back and is in 89% of his bone marrow. We will begin chemo all over again. The goal is to get him into remission and then he will have a bone marrow transplant. Guest blogger  Meg McElwain needs Prayers for Mitchell 

Not really pediatric, but this young adult who battled cancer in college has some very interesting research aspirations:  Kathryn Hunt, Unlocking Cancer's Ancient Past

Feb. 27

Today Fairfax High School DECA students hand-delivered over 100,000 petition signatures to Senator Mark Warner. The petition asks Congress and the President to make childhood cancer a national priority.  A Voice 4 Children! Fairfax HS DECA Students Storm DC!    

Casey, Toomey Introduce Resolution to Recognize The Pennsylvania State University’s THON for Another Record-Breaking Event.  he Dance Marathon, commonly referred to as THON, raised more than $13.3 million this year, shattering the previous fund-raising record by almost $1 million.  THON 

Huge shout out to our friends at Dave & Buster's for raising more than $950,000 for Make-A-Wish in their second year! Since 2012, Dave & Buster’s has raised more than $1.6 million for our wish kids. Thanks for all you do to help grant wishes!  Make-A-Wish Funds 

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel Live, and of course....Max.  MaxLove Project Video

News from our buds at Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy!  News & Views: February 2014.  Highlights in Childhood Cancer Policy 

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