The five Dream Teams are: Epigenetic Therapy, Women's Cancers, Breast Cancer,Tumor Cells Chip, and Pancreatic Cancer. No mention of childhood cancer as of yet except possible pediatric innovative research grants to be awarded later. Things we can do:

1. Go to and read the announcement about the Dream Teams being awarded the money recently. Log in a comment.

2. On the same site, go to the "Magazine" and then the SU2C blog and leave a comment for Lisa Paulsen who wrote "Outpouring of Support Gives Hope Against Cancer." Lisa is the President and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). Ask for children's cancers to get their own show like I did if SU2C is not going to give pediatric cancers much funding.

3.Go to the American Association of Cancer Research site at and use the "contact us" button to email this group who is the scientific arm of SU2C. Ask why pediatric cancer was not included in one of the Dream Teams.

4. Go to and email Katie Couric under Couric and Co. about the need for special reporting about how childhood cancer only receiving 3 % of the research funding. Katie is also on the executive board of SU2C.

5. On the Katie Couric site you can add a comment to her story "Disparity in Cancer Research Funding." Pediatric cancer was not listed but breast cancer was listed as one of the ones getting the most research money. Of course we all want to see an end to breast cancers and all cancers but... we want more money for the childhood cancers which are under funded.

6. If anyone has any contacts to the SU2C show, you could ask them why pediatric cancer was not included when the stories and photos of the kids were used. Also the team Crushing Kids Cancer raised $47,0000. for the show and was the top team.

7. Any other suggestions welcome. I know some of this is a re posting of earlier items this week but I feel that it deserves it's own discussion as the earlier info was not clear, my fault.

8. SU2C just announced a new bunch of celebrities to help the cause. Sounds like a new show might be in the works. Maybe in Sept. again? How can we get them more involved with our cause? Can we get them to join PAC2? Can they say that Sept. is childhood cancer awareness month on the show? Will they be contacting parents of kids fighting cancer and if so, what should be our response? Ideas?

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Brenda, this is great stuff!!! Do you mind if we borrow it for our Team Unite update? Thanks so much for posting this.

Heide, yes please use it! We are getting some log ins under the "Outpouring of Support" item. I keep suggesting that the Entertainment Industry Foundation person who wrote that piece give the children a show of their own.

Katie Couric visited CHOP, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and did an earlier story about a girl who was fighting cancer. She is also a parent, if that helps us. She is on the SU2C board and an investigative reporter. I think we should keep trying to ask her why no money has gone for pediatric cancer yet.... Maybe she will do an investigative story on why childhood cancer only receives 3% of the research funding.

Thank you for helping on this. Hopefully, we will see some results!
My name is Kate Perschon, and my son Drew was one of the children featured on Stand Up 2 Cancer (his story was read by Jennifer Garner). I was so shocked and, truthfully, hurt when I heard about the little money that went to pediatric cancer after my family and Julian's family so graciously agreed to share our little ones with a national audience. I felt deceived. So... I hope I'm not being faux pas when I post this, but here is the contact from the show who took care of the details. I encourage everyone to write to him and find out why our kids were jilted. We would have never agreed to do the show had we known we would have been so grossly misrepresenting the purpose...

David Jacobson- Stand Up 2 Cancer
Thank you for the contact Kate...we absolutely should write David a note.....will send mine today. Just out of curiosity, did you write him and if so what was his response?
For what it's worth, here's what the SU2C web-site says:

"Collectively, the research that will be done through the Dream Team projects could impact the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of cancers in adults and children across ethnicities including, but not limited to pancreatic, breast, ovarian, cervical, uterine, brain, lung, prostate, rectal and colon, which represent two thirds of all U.S. cancer deaths."

Do people not realize that children don't even get 8 out of 9 of the cancers listed??? I think throwing in the word "children" like they do adds insult to injury = they are still trying to make people think this is for the kids!

AND I just read today that the two actresses playing the sisters in "My Sister's Keeper" have decided to help advocate for kids with cancer by joining and support SU2C - See their interview on or my posting under My Sister's Keeper to read what they say.


Thank you for that information Kate. We will NOT reference where it came from...RIGHT PAC2!!!
We need to start going directly to the media with this. It's just unthinkable that they will get more money because of the association with the actresses from My Sister's Keeper. So very wrong!!! Something is up there... I know Abigail Breslin was with Katie Couric when she interviewed Pearce Quesenberry at CHOP. I was there with my daughter at the time...

Was all of the celebrity SU2C coverage of our heroes like Pearce, Drew, and Julian a scheme all along to use kids to fund adult research???? Horrifying.
With thanks to Lisa for the addtional information (with a modification of your comment, with which I wholeheartedly agree), here is what I sent the investigative unit of NBC news (with others to follow to ABC, CBS, and FOX):

"Has Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) duped the parents and caregivers of the 1 in 300 children who are suffering through the toxic, outdated treatments for pediatric cancers (not to mention the millions of angels who are no longer fighting, but in whose memory people donated to the cause)?

I am a mother of a child who suffered through Neuroblastoma treatment, only to die from an infection she contracted while immunocompromised. While we were at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Katie Couric and Abigail Breslin stopped by to interview young Pearce Quesenberry for SU2C. Many of our kids' stories and faces were used to illicit sympathy and donations from viewers of this momentous multi-network crossover fundraiser. How much of the millions of dollars raised will go towards pediatric cancer research? NONE. Has a dream team of researchers been established for ANY of the myriad number of pediatric cancers? NO.

In a recent statement on its website, SU2C says "Collectively, the research that will be done through the Dream Team projects could impact the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of cancers in adults and children across ethnicities including, but not limited to pancreatic, breast, ovarian, cervical, uterine, brain, lung, prostate, rectal and colon, which represent two thirds of all U.S. cancer deaths."

Do those "experts" on the board realize that children don't even get 8 out of 9 of the cancers listed??? Including the word "children" adds insult to injury; this is a deliberate attempt to make people think this is for the kids! It is NOT. It is for adult-centered research, which does not benefit children.

The recent announcement by the actresses of "My Sister's Keeper" that they would raise funds for SU2C in honor of children makes my skin crawl. Obviously, they have no idea that a pediatric-centered foundation like CureSearch would be better served by their advocacy.

I know NBC ran the special and was involved in publicizing SU2C. I would hope that NBC would do its part in exposing this travesty, which tears at the hearts of so many parents which have already been shredded to pieces by these terrible diseases.

PLEASE contact me, or follow up with this investigation. Thank you."


Let's do this, PAC2... this shall not rest!!
that is a very powerful letter.
Maybe a very public boycott of SU2U to flood the media in sept.?
Amy - I agree. Last year, for SU2C, we were asked by a local station if they could do a segment on Thomas to show on the news just before the SU2C show aired and also during the show. We agreed, of course, and the title was "Austin Boy Stands Up to Cancer" - I also feel somewhat used right now. When I mentioned to the program coordinator at our clinic (who sets up all the interviews with the media) last week that none of the money raised went to childhood cancer, she was shocked - so I'm hoping if they get a call about it again this year, she will refer the news station to me, and I can share this with them and how many families right now are feeling betrayed. The dificult part is that, of course, I want people to know that kids DO get cancer and spread the word, and if I say no - they will just go find an adult with cancer to interview -or another child who doesn't realize where the funding is going. What's a mom to do?


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