The five Dream Teams are: Epigenetic Therapy, Women's Cancers, Breast Cancer,Tumor Cells Chip, and Pancreatic Cancer. No mention of childhood cancer as of yet except possible pediatric innovative research grants to be awarded later. Things we can do:

1. Go to and read the announcement about the Dream Teams being awarded the money recently. Log in a comment.

2. On the same site, go to the "Magazine" and then the SU2C blog and leave a comment for Lisa Paulsen who wrote "Outpouring of Support Gives Hope Against Cancer." Lisa is the President and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). Ask for children's cancers to get their own show like I did if SU2C is not going to give pediatric cancers much funding.

3.Go to the American Association of Cancer Research site at and use the "contact us" button to email this group who is the scientific arm of SU2C. Ask why pediatric cancer was not included in one of the Dream Teams.

4. Go to and email Katie Couric under Couric and Co. about the need for special reporting about how childhood cancer only receiving 3 % of the research funding. Katie is also on the executive board of SU2C.

5. On the Katie Couric site you can add a comment to her story "Disparity in Cancer Research Funding." Pediatric cancer was not listed but breast cancer was listed as one of the ones getting the most research money. Of course we all want to see an end to breast cancers and all cancers but... we want more money for the childhood cancers which are under funded.

6. If anyone has any contacts to the SU2C show, you could ask them why pediatric cancer was not included when the stories and photos of the kids were used. Also the team Crushing Kids Cancer raised $47,0000. for the show and was the top team.

7. Any other suggestions welcome. I know some of this is a re posting of earlier items this week but I feel that it deserves it's own discussion as the earlier info was not clear, my fault.

8. SU2C just announced a new bunch of celebrities to help the cause. Sounds like a new show might be in the works. Maybe in Sept. again? How can we get them more involved with our cause? Can we get them to join PAC2? Can they say that Sept. is childhood cancer awareness month on the show? Will they be contacting parents of kids fighting cancer and if so, what should be our response? Ideas?

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This is excellent news.

Peace and Grace,
This is awesome! I believe that all the letters sent by the amazing people here (and others whom we shared our frustrations with on Facebook : - )) made a difference. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts and feelings with SU2C.
In regurds to celebrities that might be intrested in helping us, I'm not sure if any of you watch Rescue Me on FX, but they just had a couple of shows with story lines that touched on childhood cancer. A quick synopsis- one of the fire fighters was in the hospital having surgery for kidney cancer and while the other firemen where there visiting him they just happened to be standing outside a hall window that looked into the children's cancer playroom. The one fireman played by Dennis Leary went into the room and started playing with the kids (with no mask but I let it slide). Then the following show they went back and let the kids come out and see all the fire trucks and equiptment. I was really suprised!
I think Leary who I belive writes the show might be a willing participant in our cause!


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