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August 29 - Lisa Bender
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I recently wrote an article for my company's newsletter that focused on where people were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001. I commented that it was astonishing how so many could remember exactly what they were doing when the airplanes hit the towers. On the morning of 9/11, I remember picking up my 5-year old daughter from kindergarten and she came running out of school yelling,"Mommy did you hear? Our country got robbed!"


For most of us, I am sure, there is another day that we can recall like it was yesterday- the day our children were diagnosed. For me, that day was February 22, 2005. My son Jack was seven years old when he was d/x with AML. 


I remember that first night staying at Children's Memorial Hospital, and my cell phone rang. It was Jack's 1st grade intramural basketball coach, whom I did not know, calling to say Jack was picked to be on his team and to give me the schedule for practices. Looking back on that night, I guess I was probably in shock. Literally. I did somehow get out the words-" I don't know if Jack will be able to go to practices. He has cancer." He was able to play 2 games that season, in between rounds of chemo.


On the HOPE side:Two weeks after Jack's diagnosis, in March of 2005, I received a card in the mail from a good friend Dawn. She wrote that while she didn't know what to do for us, she and her husband Derek had decided to join the Bone Marrow Registry in hopes of helping someone like Jack. On November 11, 2010,  Derek got the call he was a perfect match for a man in California. Derek was able to donate his marrow last January and recently received a thank you card from the recipient.


Jack has been in remission for six years now. While I am grateful every day, I still find it ironic to consider my son one of the "lucky" ones, even though I do. Because like our country that got robbed on 9/11, all of our families have been robbed, as well. And that is why I continue to fight today-and every day. 



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Thank you Lisa for sharing Jack's story, and for continuing to fight, today and every day.


Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Together we stand & fight today and every day.

~Momcologist Mary, mom to Kate... ALL cancer survivor


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