The PAC2 2010 September Childhood Cancer Awareness Survey

PAC2 has always been a 'virtual' organization, and what you've accomplished has been virtually amazing!  Having representatives from over 75 childhood cancer organizations, gathering 43,000 supporters for the Petition to Raise Awareness and Funding for Childhood Cancer, being the driving force behind The Big Picture, collaborating in September 2009 with Stand Up To Cancer, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, St. Baldrick's, Rally and CureSearch to highlight childhood cancer in the SU2C magazine: COG update on Pediatric Cancer Research, The Power of Imagination, The Unthinkable, and Rare highlighting childhood cancer awareness month, and for having your question on childhood cancer funding be one of five health care related questions voted into the Citizens Briefing Book to President Obama upon taking office, out of 44,000 questions and 1.4 million votes. Virtually amazing...

This September, continuing on the virtual theme, we've created the PAC2 2010 September National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Survey.  The Survey is an on-line quiz that childhood cancer advocates like you can easily share with those outside the childhood cancer community.  The goals are:

1 - Spread awareness of the realities and challenges in the childhood cancer world to those outside the childhood cancer world;
2 - Engage and encourage citizens to take action and donate to
support the most innocent and youngest amongst us, our children; and,
3 - Provide and collect information to expand and improve efforts to accomplish our mission - curing childhood cancer.

The short, 10-question survey includes questions such as “What’s the leading cause of death by disease for children under 20?” and “Who do you think of when you think of funding for childhood cancer research?”  PAC2 encourages you to take the survey and then share and distribute the link to the survey ( through:

  • E-mails to friends, family, teachers, scouts, coworkers, PTA, etc.
  • Posting the link on web pages, blogs, Care Pages, Caring Bridge, or CareCircle sites
  • Direct links to the PAC2 Home Page
  • Printed versions are also available for download

The key is to get it outside of the childhood cancer community.  Most of us know the answers to these horrible questions.  Now we need to let the rest of the world know too; so that it's no longer 'rare', it's EXTINCT!

Thanks PAC2, for all you do!

(click the chevron to take the survey)

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Hey, we seem to be having trouble with this link. It just keeps redirecting to the PAC2 website now. It worked great for me last night when I took the survey, so I don't know what happened. Help!!!

Dylan's Mom (aka Chrissy Kinsey)

you are only allowed to take the survey once. You can distribute the link to others, it just won't show up for you to re-take. Thanks for all you do.
Thanks for your help with this and thanks for all you do! I had just finished a caringbridge post encouraging friends and family to take the survey and forward the link out to their own circles of contacts. I just panicked a little when I tried to test the link and it kept redirecting me here. Love this idea and I hope the survey gets lots of respondents.
This would be a great tool for school re- entry. I wished it included "what is the leading cause of death among kids in treatment?" Like parents, teachers have no choice but to be involved. I hear a ton from parents, frustraited with the school system, for lack of awareness. They have a hard time listening to the crazy parents but an easier time hearing these things from the hospital administration. Is there a paper form available?
There is a paper copy available, just email me at ajsdad4227 at, thanks


Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

PAC2 is proud founding member of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer!


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