Hi PAC2,

as we grow closer and closer to September, we'd like to see if we can enlist members to increase participation levels and maybe help out with a host of tasks. If you are interested please reply to this thread.

Top 10 Things you can help with:

1 - website design
2 - graphics help (on PAC2 materials)
3 - inviting new members
4 - browsing the PAC2 site and reporting problems
5 - suggestions for new content on the site
6 - leadership positions in Geographic Groups
7 - leadership positions in PAC2
8 - editing/management of the PAC2 FaceBook page
9 - twittering about PAC2
10 - whatever your talent and interests are....we need you.

I think we are going to be getting some very real national exposure. And we need to be ready!

Beyond that, are there ANY volunteers for the STORY ROOM!!!!

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I can help out. I am not good with website design but I can help out with inviting new members or with leadership positions with either pac2 or geographic groups. I can even help out with site content. Just let me know what you want me to do and it will be done.
thanks Michelle, I know you are doing a million things. Love to have you lead the Geo Group. Again you are in PA right? That's the Big Apple Group. Let me check and see who else we can round up to help with the chapters....
I am ready to help out. I can lead the big apple group. just let me know what you want me to do.
oh, I forgot #11 - entering names, addresses and email from hard copy Petition signatures....
i would do this of you let me, the kids are almost back in school and my husband is back, i almost have a computer again! let me know...
DO IT! ALL of it!!


How about simple geo group leadership, not that its simple. But get the 'chapter' going! Lisa would help I know.
When is the story room & how do we become a part?
The Story Room is a PAC2 Monday Night tradition that we need to revive! Click here to see past stories. Pretty simple. You write and post a Story, we publicize the story coming up on monday night...and then you get to interact with people replying. Just a more active blog really.....but I like it. Let me know if you're interested
i can do a story room bob. just let me know when & how.
I can help in any way. Just give me a task and I'm on it!
Thanks Sarah, how about helping Lisa and Debbie with the geo group?
Sure, whatever will help! Lisa and Debbie please let me know what you need me to do or where to start and I will run with it.


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