Hi PAC2,

as we grow closer and closer to September, we'd like to see if we can enlist members to increase participation levels and maybe help out with a host of tasks. If you are interested please reply to this thread.

Top 10 Things you can help with:

1 - website design
2 - graphics help (on PAC2 materials)
3 - inviting new members
4 - browsing the PAC2 site and reporting problems
5 - suggestions for new content on the site
6 - leadership positions in Geographic Groups
7 - leadership positions in PAC2
8 - editing/management of the PAC2 FaceBook page
9 - twittering about PAC2
10 - whatever your talent and interests are....we need you.

I think we are going to be getting some very real national exposure. And we need to be ready!

Beyond that, are there ANY volunteers for the STORY ROOM!!!!

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I can twitter about the site, I'm always inviting new members, and will also continue to give suggestions for new content on the site.

Thanks -
Never a doubt about what you do. How bout working on the Geo Group with Debbie and Sarah?
i will enter hard sigs anytime, ill blow up the facebook group.
assign me anything you know ill do anything..
and what exactly do you mean by blowing up the FB Group? :) I simply want pictures and smart ass comments from you. And, of course, the occasional Whoot and Today We Fight. Anything else is extra icing on the cake.

Today we fight. For burning as the start of a real good cd....
an excellent cd.

im still doing more
give me tasks, i follow orders so well. mr bob
Just sent you a message, Bob. Also, I will be happy to enter signatures.

I am not good with web thingy stuff, but everything else I can do. I can twit, FB (sorta), add names from the petition (63 wmp) anything you name it I will do it (the best I can)
Web developer experience here. What ideas did you have for the site? What can I do?

Would consider a leadership position in PAC2...or anything else that I can do for you. You know Im not so good with the website LOL, and I myself am looking for a webdesigner (mine resigned). Part of my mission for Frankie's Fight is to emotionally support families, which thankfully, Heide and Diane help me satisfy through team unite (and I so love it). However, I am VERY passionate about awareness and I would love to jump on and do as much awareness as I possibly can.

Let me know...


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