Where are the kids today? 

by Tammy Jenkins Buchanan

What if a group of terrorists decided to hold 2 classrooms of kids hostage, every day? What if it was random, 2 classrooms in random cities at various grade levels? What if they gave the terms that the kids would be held for 2 years and the first few months 1 out of every 5 was randomly killed? What if they said all the kids would be injured but would have access to morphine to help them suffer less? After all, even terrorists hate being in a room full of kids screaming in agony all the time. What if they hurt 3 out of the 5 remaining kids so badly during the 2 years that they would be disabled? What if all kids were exposed to toxins leaving 85% of those that live with shorter life spans? 2 classrooms, every day, everywhere, randomly, sparing no income bracket nor ethnic group of kids... What if there was a way to stop the madness? If the terrorists only needed a few million for each child, wouldn't everyone help to end the horrible violence against our children? The money would pour in, the violence would end and every affected family would have unlimited resources to help them recover.

You might not know it, but it happens every day in the US and no one reports it in the media and the money is not pouring in to end the madness.

Today is a school day and an average of 46 kids will be diagnosed with cancer. Today there will be 2 less classrooms of kids at school. They won't be back anytime soon. It takes an average of 2 years of treatment for each child. Some of them won't ever come back. 1 out of every 5 will not live. 3 out of 5 who live will have chronic health problems and will never be the same. They will be disabled, have limbs lost, have learning disabilities, and not the same as if they had never been sick. Lots of the health problems will be caused by the treatment itself as opposed to the original cancer. 85% of the ones who live will not have an average life expectancy. They will not get to be around as long as their healthy siblings and peers.

It can stop if there is research funding for childhood cancer. Cures with better treatments that leave kids healthy will come if people would just donate. Cures and better treatments will come if our govt would give the kids a bigger piece of the funding pie.

Why do you think that funding won't make it stop? As a scientist and a mom of a child diagnosed, I KNOW that funding will make it stop. When my son was diagnosed there had not been any children reported in the literature who had lived. NOT ONE. There was a new treatment available and he was fortunate to have it. Not all kids with his type of cancer had access. Because of donations my child received a hopeful new therapy. He has been cancer-free since Jan 2010. Sometimes miracles come because people are led to make a difference by donating time or a few dollars. Stop the madness, donate or fund-raise. Write a letter to your representatives to ask they give more funding to childhood cancer too. Do it for the 46 kids diagnosed today. If you don't know which charity to pick there are 2 really good ones; Alex's Lemonade Stand and St Baldrick's Foundation. Links are here:


Thank you, Tammy.



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