Years Life Lost Comparison - YLL - between breast cancer and all childhood cancers

I desperately need a credible source where there is a calculation made between the number of years life lost and funding per year for breast cancer victims, compared with the same for childhood cancer victims.


I need to validate a point that we all believe to be true, but I don't have solid stats to back it up.  That if we emulate the success of breast cancer awareness and Pinktober, we can acheive the increased funding that may help close the gap between how many dollars of funding are applied per year life lost in children compared with how many dollars per year life lost among breast cancer mortalities. 


Can anyone help me craft a statement here?  I am new to the forum and appreciate your help. 


Also, a brief introduction.  i am a cancer mom.  My beloved Ty Campbell passed away three months ago from AT/RT.

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