Our family is planning to attend the event held by Candlelighters in Washington, DC on December 6. I was wondering if anyone else is planning to go?
See http://www.candlelighters.org/cancerawarenesstree2008.stm for more details.
Maybe we could meet up there and have petitions on hand to sign? Maybe even ask Candlelighters if we could set up a booth there? Just a thought ...

Angel Nina's Mom

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We, too, are attending the tree lighting. I hadn't thought about having petitions...or a table, but what a great idea! Do you have a contact with them?
Hi Laura,
I don't really have a contact there, but I could try to get one! Or does anyone else have a contact there who would like to join? Maybe I'll ask Bob (AJ's Dad). He seems to know everyone! I am going out of town later in the week, so I'll be pretty busy. I will get on it after that although I realize that won't be a whole lot of time.

Angel Nina's Mom
I contacted Candlelighters and here is an update on where we stand (emails copied below):

Hi Stephanie,

I am very sorry for your loss. I did recently read about PAC2 and the network. I applaud your efforts to bring awareness of childhood cancer.

Although the DC affiliate of Candlelighters is heavily involved in the awareness tree, it is an event hosted by the national organization. I am sending a copy of this email to national Candlelighters for consideration of your request.

I look forward to meeting you and your family at the event on December 6th!

With kind regards,

Lisa Tignor

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 12:55 PM, Stephanie K. Thompson wrote:

Dear Lisa Tignor,

I am a bereaved Mom (my 8-year old daughter Nina died Nov. 15, 2007 of rhabdomyosarcoma) and am involved in People Against Childhood Cancer (PAC2) to help raise awareness and secure more funding for childhood cancer research.

I am not sure if you are familiar with PAC2. We are a community on a mission to raise awareness of childhood cancer. We will grow, organize and plan, and take ACTION as "one voice united against childhood cancer." One of our current projects is to collect signatures on a petition to show the media that people do care and want more information. Please see www.curechildhoodcancer.ning.com for more information.

My family plans to attend the tree lighting in DC on Dec. 6. My question to you is: Would it be possible to set up some sort of table to provide information on PAC2 and to collect signatures for our petition at the Candlelighters event? It seems to me that it would be the perfect venue. Another bereaved mother from PAC2 and I would "man" the table.

Please let me know what your thoughts on this are. I hope we can utilize this opportunity to work together against our common enemy – childhood cancer.


Stephanie Thompson

Yorktown, VA
is the DC event the only one they do?
Hi Bob,
I'm not sure but it is the only one listed on the overall website. If you click here http://www.candlelighters.org/Affiliates.stm">< it leads you to a list of local affiliates, some of which have their own websites and all of which have contact information. So maybe the various geographic groups could contact the corresponding affiliates and find out more?

Angel Nina's Mom
I'm not sure but it is the only one listed on the overall Candlelighters page. If you click here
http://www.candlelighters.org/Affiliates.stm"> you get to a list of local affiliates, some with their own web pages and all with contact information. Maybe the various geographic groups could check into their corresponding Candlelighters local group?
I would love to attend this with you guys, but I will be spending the week of thanksgiving in Memphis with my son and wife. Please let us know how it goes.
Jim/Dustins Dad
the event is the week after Thanksgiving. It's on Saturday, Dec. 6. Will you be back by then or are you still going to be in Memphis?
I'm still waiting to hear back from the Candlelighters main office to see if they'll let us do this.
I'll keep everyone updated.

Angel Nina's Mom
I will be back by the 6th, but isnt this event in DC?
sorry, i scrolled up and re read, it is in DC...tell you what, if you get them to agree to that...i will help you "man" the table...just let me know.
I am thinking of going up too, its only a few hours....let me know what your plans are....thanks
Stephanie...this event is a feature on the main page. Will you post the info you gathered so other geo groups will know what you found out and can contact their local cadlelighters. I didn't want to "use" your info with out asking. Thanks!!!


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