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Los Angeles
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to help fight childhood cancer, I'm an individual, not an organization
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Hi, and thank you for being here.I am in the process of doing our Living Trust and Will, and though we are not rich, far from it, at least we would finally be able to donate to the fight against childhood cancer. Because for me, it seems obvious that it is the worst, because it can cut short the life of the youngest people. So, when I started pulling up ratings of organizations to donate to, I was shocked at how little went to cure children. And just now, I found your page. Can I ask you, of all the organizations listed on Charity Navigator, etc. which one does do the most for children,even if it is tragically low? Because I have to give the name of an organization to the attorney I have hired tomorrow. And then, I will work to make people aware of the state of affairs, because I had no idea it was this abysmal. You are exactly right that any mother would take the place of her child. Thank you for forming this group, and for making this information available. Now maybe priorities can be reoriented. Be well, Lynne Palumbo

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  • Vickie Buenger


    Welcome to PAC2 and thank you for your concern and desire to help kids with cancer.  There are some absolutely fantastic childhood cancer organizations doing very well for children.  Many of them are listed under the pull-down menus at the top of the page.  Some fund research; some help families directly; and some work on advocacy initiatives making the government more responsive to the needs of the community.  

    This does not directly answer your question, but our mission at PAC2 is to share information as broadly as possible, so that folks can make informed choices.   

    I will email Bob P. who founded PAC2 and see if he has any further advice for you.

    With appreciation,


  • AJs Dad


    as Vickie says, our mission is to share information so you can make informed decisions.  I agree with her in that there are some fantastic group listed here on PAC2.  Here are a couple direct links:

    Research -

    Family Support -

    Thank you for joining

    And thanks Vickie for everything!