"One Voice United Against Childhood Cancer"

Our mission is to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer and to unite the childhood cancer world to speak as "One Voice United Against Childhood Cancer".

Together, we can accomplish more.  We know that 1,000 voices are louder than 1.  That we must achieve a critical mass where our advocacy voice will be heard by the media, corporations and organizations that can help PAC2 raise awareness and direct funding to research to cure childhood cancer.    We will each set aside our own personal goals, need for recognition, jealousies and egos.  We are doing this for the kids.  We will work together on Initiatives that are developed and implemented collaboratively.

Our first Initiatives are:

  1. Grow and expand our network of people and organizations that are represented here at PAC2 (please invite your friends and family)
  2. Continue to fight for childhood cancer's "Inconvenient Truth" moment by spreading our Petition - Cure Childhood Cancer (sign and spread the Petition to your contacts)
  3. As we grow, we will work with others to collaborate on the best way to use our voice to publicize childhood cancer and ultimately help raise funds for a cure.

As we grow, we will need strong advocates to step up.  Writers to editorialize.  Thinkers to strategize.  We will need volunteers to help with website issues, organizational and administrative items and other tasks.  Think about how involved you want to be. What you are really good at and love to do.  How you can apply that talent to our work.   Tell us what that is.  It only works if you contribute.


What we ARE:

  • A group that focuses on spreading awareness about CHILDHOOD CANCER, advocating for children and children only
  • A place to communicate with a large group of like-minded people with the same goal
  • A place to safely and openly discuss ideas and initiatives on how to increase awareness
  • A source of information on childhood cancer.  We will strive to gain members that represent each and every childhood cancer organization.  Each organization will be listed under as PAC2 Member Orgs.

We are NOT:

  • Here to support the American Cancer Society, LLS or other cancer groups that do NOT focus solely on childhood cancer
  • A means to promote any product, company, and/or anything that you personally profit from.
  • A fundraising organization.  We may organize as a group to participate in an event under an existing organization, and we will announce and publicize childhood cancer events.  However, importantly, PAC2 is not here to provide a forum for soliciting or promoting any single member's organization or cause.  We are all free to  post fundraising event information, and let's leave it at that.
  • The place for prayer circles, requests for support in a Relay-for-Life, or an e-mail list for spreading cute "email forwards"
  • Medical professionals, and will not provide or promote treatment protocols

So how do we expect you to act?

  • Sincerely and open-mindedly. Reach out to all points of view and across lines of geography, religion, race, class and politics.
  • Show INITIATIVE.  Question the way things are done now, provide new insights/thoughts.
  • Civilly and respectfully. Respect the opinions and privacy of all Group members.
  • Collaboratively. Work together in a manner that shows we can accomplish more together than we can alone. Set your egos aside.
  • Be empowered.  What this morphs into is what works and what the group decides, while maintaining our guiding principle of raising awareness of childhood cancer.
  • Equally. Each group member's voice can be heard in the discussion section, and is valued equally.
  • Brevity (we are the worst offender!).  Lincoln's Gettysburg address was 271 words, if your post is longer it better be really good!
  • Feedback.  Each member has the duty to report on the success of the project.

Now, with all that said...........

  •  We are not necessarily politically correct, actually we may prefer otherwise....
  •  We will practice freedom of religion - you are free to practice it outside of here....
  •  We want us to be the inconvenient ones, the elephant in the room that they HAVE to talk about because it's crashing into the fine china.
  •  We want an underground army dedicated to awareness. The Navy Seals of this war.  We cheat because cancer does, we are mad at the system, we are aggressive yet professional, and have every right to be.  It will turn some people off, and that's OK.
  • We want people who do things, not just talk about them. People willing to take chances, not just sign a petition and say they did something. That's the energy that we need to tap into, help direct and get publicity for.


Lastly, we don't know what PAC2 will become or even if it will succeed.  What it becomes will be what makes sense, what works, and what you all want to do.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  -  Margaret Mead

Thanks for even considering this.....

AJs Dad and Lori

PS - it's pronounced "pack-2", like "pack" of wolves, ready to pounce on a problem and attack it! 


About People Against Childhood Cancer (PAC2):

PAC2 was founded in 2008 to provide the childhood cancer community a place to connect and support the mission of curing childhood cancer.  It has since grown to over 6,000 members including nearly 100 childhood cancer organizations.  PAC2 provides a national forum for sharing information and news and continually supports and promotes the efforts of all childhood cancer organizations.  Its overall mission is reflected in its slogan “One Voice Against Childhood Cancer”.  PAC2 is an independent organization that does not raise funds or duplicate or compete with the efforts of its members.




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Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

PAC2 is proud founding member of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer!


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