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During 2011, PAC2 helped facilitate two workshops in Washington, DC (March and September) bringing together multiple organizations and advocates to identify means to promote collaborative efforts in the fight against childhood cancer.  In many ways the variety in mission, size, and geography of these organizations can make united efforts complex, but it also serves as a foundational strength of the community.  The ultimate goal is to more efficiently benefit the cause, children with cancer, through synergistic, collaborative efforts.  Perhaps the greatest accomplishment coming from the two workshops was that we took the first step in the process:  working to build trust, relationships, and consensus and recognizing that these efforts are not only possible, but also desirable and worth striving for.  No effort at collaboration is without complications, but it seems the majority of the group collectively agrees that the complications can be addressed if we listen to each other, plan well, and work together.

The next step coming out of the meeting entailed the development of a plan to formalize the structure of these collaborative efforts, ensuring a common mission, accountability and sustainability. This resulted in the initiation of the Design phase of "Project Collaborate".  A core Working Team of 8 individuals and a 35-member Advisory Team of stakeholders representing all facets of the community have been working together through an open and transparent process to design and formalize a network that would serve the entire childhood cancer community.  We hope that 2012 will bring inspiring news from this effort.

We also published the Fourth Annual PAC2 Holiday Shopping Guide in December 2011.

December 2010
Several childhood cancer organizations contributed year-end summaries and PAC2 published the Third Annual PAC2 Holiday Shopping Guide highlighting cause-related opportunities to shop and support childhood cancer.


September 2010
In September 2010 PAC2 published the "Childhood Cancer Survey" for distribution to help raise awareness! We were featured in the "Kids with Cancer" section of Working Mother magazine, along with other articles by doctors from TX Childrens, MD Anderson, CHOP, parents and childhood cancer groups

Also in September 2010 we told you about the Pediatric Cancer Caucus and summed up the month in "Thankful". We were interviewed by Stand Up To Cancer and featured in its blog, "Childhood Cancer Awareness".

Did you know that the "46 mommas shave for the brave" group was initially organized by Tiffany Beamer here on PAC2? You know the 46, they appeared LIVE on-stage during the Stand Up to Cancer nationwide broadcast in September 2010.


December 2009
PAC2 published the Second Annual PAC2 Holiday Shopping Guide highlighting cause-related opportunities to shop and support childhood cancer.

September 2009 - Stand Up To Cancer
After you spent months commenting on blogs and writing to SU2C, recognition came. In July 2009 Diane Balma the Executive Director wrote offering to support PAC2 and raise awareness of September as National Childhood Cancer Month. PAC2 brought in CureSearch, St. Baldrick's, Alex's Lemonade Stands and the Rally Foundation. Four articles were published in the on-line SU2C magazine: COG update on Pediatric Cancer Research, The Power of Imagination, The Unthinkable, and Rare. In addition, an integrated calendar of events for the organizations was published on-line. Best of all, the in December 2009, SU2C announced the Innovative Grant Recipients and research into childhood cancers was well funded!


January 2009 - President Obama's Briefing Book
We mobilized the childhood cancer community to seek support for increased funding for childhood cancer during the Obama transition. Over 125,000 people submitted questions to the President, and over 1.4 million votes were cast. Our position finished in the Top 5 of ALL Health Care concerns through YOUR efforts. It is shown on Page 16. The Briefing Book was presented to President Obama by Tom Daschle, Secretary Health and Human Services.

Cure Today Article
We had an article published by Cure Today, the magazine of the American Cancer Society.

September 2008 - The Boston Globe - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
We contacted The Boston Globe during September 2008 seeking recognition of Childhood Cancer month. Turned out to be one of the most commented on photojournalism pieces they've ever done....featured pictures of four PAC2 children.

Uniting Childhood Cancer Organizations
Over 90 childhood cancer organizations are represented here at PAC2.

And, if we do nothing else, this makes it all worth it - from Dec. 2008....

A lot of times its not about how many letters or comments you make in a day. Sometimes priorities overtake getting signatures on a petition.   Take yesterday.....

Aimee's Mom Annette was stuck. Aimee was home, and not feeling good. Annette couldn't leave her. But, Aimee's dog was arriving at the Philly airport, and HAD to be picked up, or else it was doggy jail. Aimee, shown here with Mr. B (who reportedly was unconcerned about the entire incident), was bumming.....if it's not one thing.......

So what to do? Dari dives into action. Blogs, posts, messages to the Big Apple Group. E-mails overload servers east of the Mississippi! ANYBODY! Please help! Suggestions come in...."I will chip in for a limo for the dog!", "I can go in the morning"......etc. PAC2 people caring for PAC2 people.

Jay chimes in. Claims to be "on crutches"...... but let me ask Liz. "Can the dog co-exist with other dogs and cats for a day LOL?" Apparently so. Liz dropped whatever she was up to, gets the dog, who spends a restful night with the other animals. Today, "Lazy" the dog was re-united with Aimee, much to her delight.

On behalf of Aimee, Annette and the rest of us, many thanks to Dari. And I would personally like to thank both Jay and Liz Scott, the founders of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, who took a break from selling lemonade to make sure Aimee and Lazy were able to play today.

Now there's a reason to join a geo group and host a Lemonade Stand, huh?

we can change the world, together....

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