Thank you for joining.  So what should you do as a new member?  Although this site may seem overwhelming at first, it seems like most are getting it figured out.   This is a link to the general Help for the Site.

Once you register, you can go to "My Page". It's yours to customize! On "My Page" (actually YOUR page!) you can:

1. Invite your friends to join
2. Modify "My Settings" to your heart's content (this is where you control the number of e-mails you get)
    - there seems to be trouble with inserting links, this is a CarePage example link that works
        <a href=""><AJsspace</a>
        just replace "AJsspace" with your Care Page name.
3. Send "internal" PAC2 e-mail to other members.
4. On your page, you will see an envelope and a person icon.  This is where you send and receive internal PAC2 email and accept friend requests.
5. You can upload a picture for your icon.

Next, browse around and contribute!

Along the top of the page, you will see tabs, briefly described below

1. PAC2 Home - this is the start page, it shows:
- Various boxes - these are the free form news, updates, rambling, rants and other brain dumps from your co-founders
 - Forum posts - where anyone can start or contribute to a discussion
- Blog posts - if you blog it will show up here and your page
- Groups - most recent Group activity (start any Group you want!)
- Childhood Cancer Info - links to information on childhood cancer - Right now just moderators can add/edit
- Photos - uploaded by Members. 
- Videos - uploaded by Members
- Fundraising events - you can add one if you like
- Childhood Cancer News - a news feed that updates and shows recent news articles on childhood cancer
- Latest Activity - shows who did what recently, a list of new members
- Recent additions to the Library

2. Chat & Media
- clicking the Top Link takes you to Chat  
- subtabs include:
- Link to ALL blogs posted by members
- Link to ALL pictures posted by members
- Link to ALL videos posted by members

3. My Page - this is totally YOURS. Others can see it, you can modify it. You have a "Comment Wall" where you and others can post, well, comments. 

4. Forum - leads to a drop down menu of forum topics which you can select.  That list does not include all Forum topics, which you can get to by clicking the main FORUM tab.

5. Fundraising - the main tab takes you to a list and calendar view of childhood cancer fundraisers that have been added by members or PAC2 . Subtabs include:
- Fundraising talk - some news and discussion about kid cancer research fundraising
- CC fundraising groups - a broad and extremely in need of an update discussion of groups focused on kids cancer
- Click for EZ Money - ways to use your computer time wisely
- PAC2 Shopping - the latest fashions in the kids cancer world, :)
- Holiday Shop - each year we update this page for Christmas shopping that benefits kids cancer research

6. Groups - here you can join or start a group. It can be location specific, disease specific, anything you want in accordance with our guidelines. Invite others to join or join an existing Group.  Inside the group you can have discussions and add comments.

Last updated by AJs Dad Sep 20, 2010.

Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

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