Childhood Cancer - Long Term Effects

The harsh, toxic treatments our children endure as part of the 'cure' have long-term effects.  Below, via our friends at Alex's Lemonade Stand, find 11 long-term, life-altering side effects related to childhood cancer treatment. As we work to find cures for all children with cancer, we are equally dedicated to finding less harsh treatments. Many treatments that destroy cancer cells also destroy healthy cells in the process, which can cause long-term complications. Our ultimate goal is survival for all children affected by childhood cancer, and in the process we also want to help provide these children with the best quality of life possible. This can only happen through treatments that do not produce life-altering side effects.


Here are 11 common side-effects that children may experience as a result of current treatment protocols:

  1. Cognitive issues including delayed speech, problems with reading, writing and memory retention.
  2. Fertility issues.
  3. Secondary cancers later in life.
  4. Loss of limbs, or shortened limbs whose growth was stunted.
  5. Cataracts, poor vision, damage to the optic nerve or other effects to the eye.
  6. Hearing loss.
  7. Cardiac problems including an abnormal heartbeat, congestive heart failure and increased risk of a stroke or blood clots.
  8. Kidney failure.
  9. Weak or thin bones that can break easily.
  10. Anxiety and depression.
  11. Teeth and jaw problems including missing teeth, smaller teeth, tooth decay and gum disease.

Again, thanks to our friends at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. 

Rrecent date from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study: Clinical Ascertainment of Health Outcomes among Adults Treated for Childhood Cancer: A Report from the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study

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Children's Oncology Group - Late Effects Directory of Services

The Late Effects Directory of Services is a listing of late effects services within the Children's Oncology Group.
This information may be accessed by institution name, state or city. It is provided to enable patients and families the ability to locate late effects services within COG member institutions.

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