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Soccer Boy In Action

This past week Wilson offically began soccer practice for the Spring 2009 season. We actually had a decent day of weather so his coach called the team out to practice. Watching him with his fellow teammates running up and down the field with such pride and joy.

Even while going threw treatments Wilson never stopped being a kid. He could be hooked up to a monitor and would run the hallways of Children's Mercy and not stop for breath. When other parents learned what Wilson went threw,… Continue

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A Stand Host Experience: The Bartos Family (Guest Blogger)

Sometimes as parents it is easier to say “no” than to give in to our children’s desires and silly requests. For two years, my husband Peter and I took the easy route and redirected our son’s resilient requests to hold a lemonade stand by telling him it was “too hot out” or “no one would come.” Despite our consistent “today is not a good day” answers, our son P.J. would load up the cooler with pitchers and cups and pretend he was holding a stand to help “the sick kids” he saw on TV. Then, while… Continue

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Hi, my name is Kristin, I have never posted on here before but I was asked to write a little about THON....The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.

In 1978, THON partnered with The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey Pennsylvania, and designated The Fund as the sole beneficiary of THON’s fundraising efforts. THON still proudly supports The Four Diamonds Fund’s efforts to conquer childhood cancer and to… Continue

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my son has been dead exactly 4 wks 1 day 4 hr 10 min. i am determined that his life will make a difference. it is sickening how little people in our area know about childhood cancer i will contact legislative office in nashville tomorrow to apply 501 (c) 3 non profit status, our shaved ice concession will be decorated with a cross and an image if josh in the center. childhood cancer statistics and fact sheets will be given out. i was disgusted to find out that relay for life has gotten so big… Continue

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Awareness Opportunities: April's "Cancer Control Month" (Planning Ahead)

April is Cancer Control Month

Planning ahead:

I’ve heard that we’re generally supposed to notify media outlets 4-6 weeks ahead for things, right? So, that would be right about… now. :)

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yes i am just sick when i see how little is being done if we can fund so many things why not childhood cancer

Added by STELLA MAYBERRY on February 19, 2009 at 3:04pm — 1 Comment

The Importance of Educational Childhood Cancer Resources

When our daughter Alex was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma, we had so many questions – What is neuroblastoma? Is it cancer? How is it treated? What will the treatment be like? The thoughts and questions that went through our minds were overwhelming and scary.

After asking Alex’s oncologist numerous questions, our next step was to search for information… Continue

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National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009

From Lloyd Morgan, the "Chief Cheerleader" of the National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act of 2009 (Senate Bill S 305, House of Representatives Bill HR 653):



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Aimee's letter to Harrisburg

As most of you know Aimee was suppose to go to Harrisburg PA to tell her story about DIPG and childhood cancer. But, God had better plans for her. I would like to share with everyone what Aimee had written. Her buddy Kevin Murphy of the House of Representatives read her story for her. I hope that others may follow her suit and do the same. Remember we have power in numbers.

Hello, I am 12 year old Aimee Dickey and I have a brain tumor, This is how my journey began September 27 2007.… Continue

Added by Aimee Dickey on February 17, 2009 at 8:09pm — 2 Comments

Candle Page for KatieD and Jake

If you want to leave a thought, prayer, message of encouragement, etc, you can do so at http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng&gi=kandj and light a "virtual" candle for them while there.

We love you, Katie & Jake!

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Modest Needs

Possible financial assistance (up to $1,000), please visit Modest Needs.

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March 15 auction announced

The Lost Lady American Cantina will open to the public in late March but before they do that, they will host a fundraiser for us on March 15, downtown Seattle! The event will include food, wine, music and silent auction. Please come learn about our guild, see SCORE card samples, and help raise money for the cancer research at Seattle Children's! If you can't come, please consider donating items for the event's auction. The most current information is on our website. Thank yoU!

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Do You Believe?

9 year old Mason Woods fought cancer with my son Tyler up on the J-5 cancer floor of Children's Hospital. They went into remission around the same time. About three weeks ago, Mason's cancer relapsed with a vengeance. He passed away only one week later. His funeral was last week, and his family now struggles to proceed with live without Mason.

This past week, Mason's dad went into his office. As he sat down, he discovered the picture… Continue

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International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (Feb. 15th)

February 15th is…

International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day…


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We are just kids. We are supposed to get to have fun and be able to go to school and spend time having lots of fun and worry our mom's when we are late coming home, to have our first kiss, to grow up and have kids that our parents can spoil. Not to be sick everyday. Not to be fighting cancer. Not be told sorry we can't do anything else for you. Not to be afraid.

--Our friend Sinjin Andrukates, 15, fighting relapsed Burkitt's Lymphoma-Leukemia

The inevitable question that comes… Continue

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Cancer really STINKS..

Hey everyone,

That little boy Ben I wrote about a week or so ago is back in the hospital battling some type of crude in his lungs..He finished up his first 10 days of introduction chemo, He was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon to be re-admitted Friday due to high fever and a very bad cough.. His fever has gotten better but it's kind of up and down..His mother had a break down last night because his hair has begun to fall out and it's finally hit her that her baby has cancer!!… Continue

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Tyler has passed away

Saturday 2/7/2009 Tyler passed away suddenly at home.
The coroner told us he had a large pulmonary embolism and his death was instant.

We really, really miss him!

The coroner also said there was no evidence of disease (hodgkins)

He almost made a year


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That's 46 kids in the picture. All happy, healthy, athletic, having fun, goofing around, innocent. That's the number of kids who will be diagnosed with cancer today.

And tomorrow. And the day after. All through next week.…


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Thomas's Counts Better

So we went to the clinic today with a bone marrow aspiration scheduled to check for relapse if Thomas's counts were still not good. We were all so relieved when the counts came back GOOD! We still don't know what has caused all the crazy counts this month - we might never know - but he's back on 50% doses of chemo after being off chemo over half of the past month - and the doctor wants to see him at least weekly until everything gets back to being consistent.

This past week has been… Continue

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Stem Cell Research Petition


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