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St Jude Heroes

Oh my goodness!!! My whole family is running!! We are training for the St Jude 5K, and marathon in December. My daughter Chelsea, 17 and I are doing the whole 26.2 miles while my husband and sweet Samantha, who had her leg reconstructed January 2008 and finally got off crutches the end of June, are going to walk the 5 K. All the while we are raising money for St. Jude by being "heroes" Last year Team Samantha Elliott raised over 5000 dollars. This year our goal is 10,000.We are having a yard… Continue

Added by jamie elliott on August 29, 2008 at 7:34pm — 1 Comment

NEW Awareness Series Begun: "Go for the GOLD - Champion the CURE for Childhood Cancers!"

"Go for the GOLD! Be a champion for children who are champions, themselves."

Champion the CURE for Childhood Cancers!

I started a series of posts & emailings to jumpstart Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (with no definite end-point... it may develop into a continuous theme, motto, & series). The introduction ties in the recent Olympics with the theme of "Champions" and also my "Go for the GOLD" headlining motto (& subtitle-motto, "Champion the… Continue

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Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Team in Training

I have just begun my training with Team in Training for LLS. I am getting together a list of patent websites to offer to my team. If anyone knows or has a child who is in treatment and would not mind me giving the website out to our team please fwd to me @ I know when my son Caleb was in treatment we had a stranger contact us after reading a news paper article about my son and asked if she could "Run for Caleb." It was such an honor and we have become great friends. People… Continue

Added by rob whan on August 23, 2008 at 2:23pm — 3 Comments

lemonade and haircuts......

 Lemonade & Haircuts

Isn't it a shame that the richest nation, with the highest standard of living, the greatest world power, the country that went to the moon, has to rely on kids selling lemonade while their parents get their heads shaved bald to try to stop the #1 killer of our…


Added by AJs Dad on August 22, 2008 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

Reminders From God

"I see the loving, the striving, not the defects. I see the conquest of your particular battle and count it a victory."

We may not know a reason for the strife and battles we must fight in our life here on earth. I do know that God will never leave us through it all. Sometimes I felt like he was ignoring me, and I was so angry with Him when Ryan died. There were so many people praying and my heart was so broken. The emptiness, the disappointment and the rage I felt towards God scared… Continue

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Childhood awareness month

My sister is doing a project at her work. She is making a poster board so people can realize that this can happen to their child, and it is happening. So if you would like to share your story, and picture please send me an email so i can print it out.or the link to your child's website if they have one. All kinds of cancer is welcome. Thank you Heidi for giving me the idea to post here. Theresa (Karlie's mom)

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Blood Drive (in honor of Ethan)
Maranatha Baptist Church (Princeton, WV)
Sat. Aug. 23, 2008
10am - 3pm

Added by Amanda Perkins on August 19, 2008 at 11:24pm — No Comments

What's SEPTEMBER?????

7 months ...

Keeping up the fight!


About raising awareness, I wonder if I entered the mall next weekend (should be busy , last weekend before school) and ask people what september is , and what september 13th is , I wonder how many people would know ... What do you all think? 10% ? 20% ?? My guess is , it wouldnt be much...
Did you guys make up a couple of teeshirts to wear? bumper stickers? A banner for your…

Added by Julian's Mama on August 19, 2008 at 11:14am — No Comments

success in the neuroblastoma lab - could lead to something

Experiments Could Lead To New Treatments For Neuroblastoma

ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2008) — Neuroblastoma is one of the most devastating diagnoses a child can receive. The cancer's victims average 2 years old when the disease is detected, most often by a parent feeling a lump in a child's abdomen. By then, the disease has often reached an advanced stage, and advanced neuroblastoma kills more than 50 percent of the children in whom it develops, despite aggressive treatment with surgery,… Continue

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lies, damn lies, and statistics....

I asked my wife what she looked for when she went shopping. She said a good deal. So how do you determine a good deal? You compare the cost to what you get. One way of doing this is through statistics. If 1 gallon of milk is $4.00 at Kroger, and 1/2 gallon of milk is $1.90 at WalMart; you buy the $4 milk at Kroger because WalMart buys everything from China and whips its workers. No, you get my point. So, if I was shopping for value in the cancer research department, what aisle would I go…


Added by AJs Dad on August 18, 2008 at 1:00pm — 15 Comments

Personal Ideas for september

I have been inspired by AJ's dad, and am considering several things localy for Cancer Awareness month

Mimi and I are going to LA for the Stand up to Cancer show. we have been invited to attend the show, thanks to my wonderful wife. I am going to visit all the Newspapers and TV stations here in Tarrant county and suggest, no convince them to run stories on the same day. Since MLB is a major contributor, I am going to try and visit the Texas Rangers office and get them to do… Continue

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Childhood Cancer's Inconvienent Truth

Doing our usual weird web browsing, we came across this story, Little research devoted to childhood cancer drugs (CancerHealthOnline) - Few advances in drugs for childhood cancers have been made in recent years...


That one led to a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report from 2005. WRT the NAS, they are recognized in my business (I manage Superfund site cleanups; you know,…


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The Push to September


Remember this number. This is how many children, our children, die each month in the United States from cancer.

What this number doesnt tell you is how many family members are affected. Moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, friends and communities... How many marriages are lost, how many people are devestated to the point of financial ruin or self-sabotage.

How many of these lost kids would have lent something great to our society if they would have become an… Continue

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Please pray for our friend Jacob...

Our friend and fellow brain tumor warrior Jacob W. needs divine intervention, RIGHT NOW!!!
Please keep him and his mother Christine and family in thought and prayer...

Added by Sweet Lily's Dad on August 14, 2008 at 10:41pm — 2 Comments

honestly, cant think of a title...

just hard to say much right now...

Holden inspired by cancer patient’s memory

it wasn't me who said "We can't accept this".........AJ said "Stu, I can't accept this"..........

Added by AJs Dad on August 13, 2008 at 7:30am — 3 Comments

Is my kid the only one?

I am on a quest, of sorts. Is Ian the only cancer kid that has food allergies? He is HIGHLY allergic to milk (all the proteins found in cow's milk and peanuts). So far we have not found another. Thankfully this did not cause any problems with treatment.

Added by Carrie Black on August 12, 2008 at 7:30pm — 9 Comments

My ramblings on raising a kid that had cancer....

I don't know about the other parents, but for me this has been challenging. When they are sick you baby them, coddle them and occasionally let them get away with things a "normal" child would never get away with (as in eating McDonald's twice a day for a week). Then you are told they are well. Scans are N.E.D. and to move on with life. How do you do this? You have, quite often, other kids too. Your whole family has changed . The other kids readjust easily, but the one that was sick doesn't.… Continue

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OKAY- Love the new site! yeah to A.J.'s dad and choosing to deal with his grief by sharing his pain.

Our pain - your gain. That's how i view this new life. I enjoy sharing Henry with everyone!

Wanted to share some pics.......Henry's Hydrangeas were planted when i was preggors with him 9 years ago. They were so tiny. Look at them now. He helped me every year with our garden and this year it is the best! Thanks Henry. They were also the only flower at his celebration of life - in… Continue

Added by Henry Tucker's Mom on August 12, 2008 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments


I know I know, I always ask something from you ... 2 things today ...

First , there is a page on the website Stand up 2 Cancer where you can tell who you were touched by (meaning someone with cancer) add their picture and a (600 character max story ) .

The catch is you have to make sure if you are not talking about your very own child , that the family of the child/person you want to add gives you permission . When you look at The Stand ( a wall full of pictures ) the faces… Continue

Added by Julian's Mama on August 12, 2008 at 5:37pm — 3 Comments

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