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The Lemon Run finds its Stride…

Last Sunday, we hosted our first annual Lemon Run – a 5K Run, Family Fun Walk and Kids' Race. Through the years, we have added various fundraising events (beside lemonade stands, of course) in an effort to raise as much money as possible for these amazing kids. We have a formal gala, The Lemon Ball and a “foodie” event…


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2010 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - not too early to start planning!

I met yesterday with the head of oncology at Rady Children's Hospital San Diego. Dr. Roberts treated my son Max throughout frontline and relapse treatment for neuroblastoma. RCHSD has no official plans to engage the media in Sept 2010 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. But they are willing to partner and lend their name/credibility/voice with local, San Diego-based/focused pediatric cancer foundations such as ours and others if we can come together and provide a unified plan. I will be… Continue

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Hello PAC2

My daughter is a recent (5 months NED) survivor. Her Burkitt's Lymphoma was at stage 2 when discovered. She had just two courses of chemo, and only required one infusion. We hardly had time to get used to being in treatment when it was over. Great news! Or could it be a little more complicated?

I have found it difficult to share our story within cancer networks. I have, of course, but each time I am overwhelmed by a deep sense of guilt and shame. Huh? There is this feeling that we… Continue

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Casey's for Childhood Cancer

I just wanted to tell people that if you are close to a Casey's gas station please stop in. I was in Winamac Indiana on Saturday and ran in to the Casey's there. I happened to look up at the wall and saw a paper Jack-o-lantern for Childhood Cancer. Needless to say, I purchased one and told them it was the first place I had seen something like that for Childhood Cancer. I should have taken the time to ask more about it, but was just thrilled to see something about fighting Childhood Cancer, I… Continue

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Providence Journal mentions PAC2

Columnist Bob Kerr: The camera claims a place in the cure

01:00 AM EDT on Friday, October 23, 2009

Grace says her favorite photograph is the one showing her painting her hand blue. It is one of the 16 that her mother, Bekah Ham, took and put in a display she calls “Grace and Beauty.”

“It helps me understand,” says Bekah. “I like photographing it. That way, I can come back to it later and process it.”

In the late afternoon of a perfect fall day,… Continue

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Childhood Cancer Charities Unite

As I sit here writing this blog, I can't believe that it has been a year since Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation organized the first Childhood Cancer Charity Summit in our hometown of Philadelphia. We have accomplished so much since that time that you would think this partnership was forged years ago. On Monday, October 19, 2009, hosted by the Iron Matt Foundation, we came together for our third face to face meeting, for what is now known as Childhood Cancer Charities Unite (c3u).…


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A CURE for a thief

Oh the day, it makes no sense

As we all try to recompense

The day was hard and oh so trying

Hearts need lifted, spirits crying

Damning diagnosis heard

‘cancer’ - the unspoken word

Violent screaming, sick inside

We cannot run, we cannot hide

A life so precious, full of joy

Don’t touch this loving little boy

A crooked smile, an errant curl

Don’t take this lovely little girl

A stabbing pain, a heartfelt ache

It must… Continue

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NBC"s "Today show" airing segment on Pediatric Brain Tumors


I got this from a friend's caring bridge. I thought some of you might be interested.

This is from Steve Czech. His website is http://www.mikeyczech.org

· On Thursday, October 22, 2009 during the 8:00 a.m. hour, NBC’s “Today Show” will air a five-to-six-minute segment on pediatric brain tumors with Mikey’s battle serving as the focus of the story.

· Note: If you live outside of the New York area,… Continue

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Column about Paying It Forward, a lesson learned from my son's battle with cancer

I wrote this column last night that appeared in today's Ottawa University newspaper (Ottawa, KS). Though it is not directly about childhood cancer, I do mention my son's battle. The lesson in the column was learned through his battle.

Link to article: http://www.oucampus.org/forum/cunningham-pay-it-forward-make-a-difference-1.2027081

Pay It Forward, Make A Difference

Pay it forward.

You have probably heard the saying, maybe have even… Continue

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Solving the Math Problem

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many in the pediatric cancer community question why our children get so much less attention. Well, part of the reason is that the Koman Foundation has done an incredible job building awareness, and must be commended for these efforts. Every organization, including those in pediatric cancer, can learn from the model they have created.

But there is an additional obstacle to curing childhood cancer, one that breast cancer does not face. The… Continue

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Bloggin' from Blog World!

I am writing this from Blog World in Las Vegas. Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation was lucky enough to win a trip to Blog World ( thanks to our devoted supporters who voted for us). It is the largest conference focused on learning about using the internet and social media. We won the trip from Name Your Cause in a contest that focused on getting online votes. I came… Continue

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AJ and DJ

[It's been a year since I posted this. It's so surreal to think that, and to be re-posting these thoughts....things have changed. So much. THIS year, the Yankees ARE in the playoffs....and doing well. I think I know why.....]

Since 1993 the New York Yankees have made the playoffs. Since 1923 Yankee Stadium has hosted historic moments. 21% of all baseball playoff games. The Pope, the Beatles. Me and AJ were going this year. We had to see them play there. We used to travel up to… Continue

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Something upbeat

Well, I thought I would share something upbeat with you folks.

Today my son Steve reported that he met with his college advisor. It seems he has decided to return to his original major - Physics!!! (I don't know where he got that one from...)

Anyways, his advisor was glad to see him again. (It has been about a year since STeve was in college. First his back surgery then the secondary AML.)

Steve is looking forward to his college work and REALLY hitting the books. God Willing he… Continue

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Healthcare Reform

Hey, there's an easy topic to breeze through. I was going to post something about the meaning of life or the existence of God, but I thought those topics would be too simple.

Actually I don't wish to get into a political debate on health care reform. I have one purpose: supporting a cure for childhood cancers. And on that topic, I am concerned that both sides in the political debate are ignoring the real issues.

Before you can reform anything, it probably helps to… Continue

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my son steven

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile since I have posted an update on my son, Steven.

I am happy to report that he is doing okay. Since his BMT (bone marow transplant) in March, 2009 he has had a few brief stays in the hospital due to graft v. host disease. Fortunately the prescribed steroids worked effectively. He is currently being weaned off of them for the third time.

Steve is on several immune suppressants. According to his docs, he will be on them as long as he is dealing… Continue

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Think'n Pink, Goin' GOLD!

I sit here knowing this is October

Breast cancer Awareness Month

I am supposed to be “Thinking Pink”

And wearing Pink in support

Promoting awareness for Breast cancer

Yet, I am not…

I feel sadness when I see Pink

Not because it doesn’t belong

But because of what it represents

Another damnable cancer to be fought

Yet I know the funding is there

Funding for research…

No denying all the hard work

Time and effort in hours… Continue

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Just made a video on Animoto called "High Strung Beads, Etc": http://animoto.com/play/uyaN682tTYszA8DZMobrXQ

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Twilight Star Shows Support

Liz Scott with Twilight actor, Peter Facinelli

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend my first Peter Facinelli event benefitting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. For those of you who may not be familiar, Peter is an actor currently starring in the Twilight movies, and the Nurse Jackie series on Showtime. Though my husband Jay had already been to the autograph signing in Middletown, New York, I had been at… Continue

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pink and gold......[reposted from 2008]

there is a lot of anger and frustration and jealousy out there right now, over all the pink. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And Susan G Komen Foundation is simply everywhere. I know you know this. Does it piss you off, get you mad? Does it get you so sick you could puke?

So what.

25 years ago, Nancy Brinker lost her sister to breast cancer. She made a promise to her dying sister to do something. She sure as hell did. Congratulations Nancy. You have build an…


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Help Us Show the World that Children Touched By Cancer is our #1 Cause!

I need your help. Our cause, Children Touched by Cancer, just entered the America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! To win, we have to get the most donations to our cause over the next 30 days (every person ...can donate once per day and have it count as a unique donation). We can also win daily awards of $1,000 and $500 if we can get the most people to donate in any 24-hour period.

Children Touched BY Cancer is currently the only cancer cause listed in the… Continue

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