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183,600,000 seconds

and I hate childhood cancer more than ever.

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Dear Member of Congress

Our friends at Kids v Cancer are preparing a book for members of Congress thanking them for their efforts in passing the Creating Hope Act......

Dear Member of Congress,

For a couple years, my right shoulder really ached. It ached from throwing thousands of footballs to my 14 year old son, Alex John, AJ. Trying to lead him just right on deep post patterns, to keep up with his speed. And, after the last one every time, from catching the big lug as he ran and jumped into…


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Every year around this time...

two things happen. At least have for the past three years. AJ's birthday is coming up, and so is my shave. Last year they almost coincided, but the shave was on the eve of his 18th birthday.  This year, it's about a week before.  Still, they seem inexplicably connected somehow.  Both are very emotional events.  Each for its own reasons, of course.


What I will share is that day of the shave is a feeling without description (like so much of all this).  Shaving your head…


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got this from a friend

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Collaborating to Fight Kids' Cancer

from Working Mother magazine - http://www.workingmother.com/blogs/thought-leaders/news-collaborating-fight-kids039-cancer


Children with cancer need your help. 


I know because on Father’s Day 2007 my 14-year-old son Alex John was diagnosed with childhood cancer.  On January 5, 2008, we lost AJ to childhood cancer. While I can’t begin to…


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NCI's Pediatric Cancer Research and Pediatric Cancer Related Activities Report (July 2010)

Remember the Caroline Pryce Walker Childhood Cancer Act?

Seems like it’s been a long time since it was passed as Public Law, authorizing…


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tipping point (again)

Dr. Drew is apparently one of this country's most well known doctors. And even I've heard of Lindsey Lohan.  Unfortunately, I stumbled across that this morning....a tipping point.

BUT..........if YOU join the REVOLUTION to fight for a cure for childhood cancer, this man will become one of this country's most well known doctors. …


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Childhood cancer, Afghanistan and Iraq

Different yet parallel worlds. Perception versus reality.


What the public hears….


 “We’re kicking ass!” - President Bush when the Australian Deputy Prime Minister asked him how the war was going.


Because of major treatment advances, 80% of these children will survive 5 years or more. This is a huge increase from before the 1970s, when the 5-year survival rate was less than 50%.” – American Cancer…


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....and we are loving and missing you every one of them buddy....


In May 2008 I had the honor and privilege of speaking at an advisory board meeting of the Texas Children's Cancer Center and a major pediatric cancer fundraising group, the Curing Children's Cancer Fund. These people are doing amazing work to raise funds and research cures for childhood cancer. This is my speech, in honor of AJ and all the cancer kids.......and it…


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is the Fourth of July. Our country's birthday. And, thus, the start of our government. What do you think our Founding Fathers would say about our country's priorities with regard to cancer funding for research? Would they ask why we don't protect children first?

Surely they would want to know why Congress won't fund the annual $30 million…

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Give yourself a name...

Childhood Cancer Advocate.

You are. Sure, you're still Maddie's Mom, I'm still AJs Dad. Etc.

But the fact of the matter is - we are childhood cancer advocates.

I sorta changed the description of PAC2 in our welcome box (below the hands picture). It used to say we are an "on-line community". I changed it to we are an "advocacy community". Because we are. I guess I realized it when I was putting together the much discussed "… Continue

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....what's real....

his pictures speak a thousand words......

....so, like I promised, Today We Fight.

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Childhood cancer killed my 14 year old son AJ on January 5th, 2008.

Instead of reciting the usual statistics and why money and awareness is needed, I want to tell a little story. It’s not really mine or about AJ or other kids. I think it’s about the power of youth, not knowing any better, ill (well) behaved young women and men....

It's from a book by a reporter who’s been in Iraq and Afghanistan covering the war since 9/11. It’s not about strategic decisions, or…


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Sixty-eight years ago today, this nation was attacked. It was a surprise attack. Many brave young warriors died. The Greatest Generation responded by mobilizing the nation. A war was fought where many brave young men and women made the ultimate sacrifice. Ultimately, the United States prevailed.

Much like Pearl Harbor, childhood cancer is a surprise to much of this nation. But this surprise does not make front page news; although many brave young children die. They continue to…


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AJ and DJ

[It's been a year since I posted this. It's so surreal to think that, and to be re-posting these thoughts....things have changed. So much. THIS year, the Yankees ARE in the playoffs....and doing well. I think I know why.....]

Since 1993 the New York Yankees have made the playoffs. Since 1923 Yankee Stadium has hosted historic moments. 21% of all baseball playoff games. The Pope, the Beatles. Me and AJ were going this year. We had to see them play there. We used to travel up to… Continue

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pink and gold......[reposted from 2008]

there is a lot of anger and frustration and jealousy out there right now, over all the pink. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And Susan G Komen Foundation is simply everywhere. I know you know this. Does it piss you off, get you mad? Does it get you so sick you could puke?

So what.

25 years ago, Nancy Brinker lost her sister to breast cancer. She made a promise to her dying sister to do something. She sure as hell did. Congratulations Nancy. You have build an…


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Stand Up To Cancer has graciously worked with PAC2, Alex's Lemonade Stand, St. Baldricks, CureSearch and the Rally Foundation for the past two months. Throughout September SU2C will be posting articles on kids and people fighting for a cure. The first article was posted today on the SU2C website, you can read it here. Please leave a comment on SU2C to demonstrate the powerful nature and strength of our childhood cancer…


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Junior Year

It's two years, two months, two weeks after Fathers Day 2007; diagnosis. What was it like before then? I can remember events. But now, after everything that's happened.... What did I used to think, how did I feel? Who was that guy? He's gone....

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no title

Danny Callahan

Conor Oberst

Green world, love the chloroform

Front porch in the thunderstorm

Controlled chaos, confused energy

Stop reading the weather charts

Stop counting the playing cards

There's no system, there's no guarantees

That the love you feel and carry inside

Can be passed

But you try, I know you do, you still…


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The New Normal

You've heard the phrase. This is now your new normal. It's thrown around like rice at the end of a wedding. Please adjust and live your life as a New Normal. The New Normal. Yep, just move ahead with the New Normal. It always sounds like it's capitalized doesn't it? THE NEW NORMAL. Like its turning a page in a book and starting a new chapter, and you just keep on going. The stuff you've read already, well, I suppose in the New Normal, you're supposed to just take it in as part of the story.… Continue

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Coalition Against Childhood Cancer

PAC2 is proud founding member of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer!


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