[It's been a year since I posted this. It's so surreal to think that, and to be re-posting these thoughts....things have changed. So much. THIS year, the Yankees ARE in the playoffs....and doing well. I think I know why.....]

Since 1993 the New York Yankees have made the playoffs. Since 1923 Yankee Stadium has hosted historic moments. 21% of all baseball playoff games. The Pope, the Beatles. Me and AJ were going this year. We had to see them play there. We used to travel up to see the Yankees play every year in Arlington, TX. It was our tradition. Jorge threw him a ball one time in the outfield. Right to him. And then he dropped a homer back on the field on during BP cuz we forgot our mitts and I bought him a cheap one at walmart but it wasn’t broken in yet. God we had fun. We would go up, see a night game, spend the night, go golfing the next day, and then see another game that night. Sometimes we would spend another night and sometimes we would drive home after that second game. I kinda liked driving home with him. He’d get me talking about everything. You know, 2 am, dark, long open road ahead. You open up. He was never afraid to ask questions. Everything from what my Dad did to UFOs to God to God only knows what. I will never forget those conversations. And the golfing was hilarious. I remember his first drive the first year. Over the clubhouse, into the parking lot, THUNK. Somebody’s car. Of course he came to excel at it, like everything athletic. Just like the talks. You excelled at those too. Everything where you had to use your brain. So, as the Yanks play the final game this weekend in Yankee Stadium. As the House that Ruth built wraps it up. As the Yanks don’t make the playoffs for the first time since you were born in 1993. As your hero DJ walks off the field one final time. Me and you are there buddy. You're my hero. Love, Dad


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Comment by dari mcmanus on December 15, 2008 at 8:28am
AJ ROCKS! DJ ROCKS! the yankees rock.
Comment by annette on September 20, 2008 at 9:51am
Carson's man is DJ too...actually, Carson's top Make-A-Wish choices were (1) to meet DJ, (2) meet DJ and (3) yes...meet DJ! Long story short, they could not make it happen(we do love Make-A-Wish...they sent Carson fishing in Alaska) but a friend could and we were off to Tampa for Yankee training camp to meet the man! It was absolutely amazing…we have now been to Yankee Stadium too and have spent some time with DJ since then! My man Carson was a stud of an athlete he even had the swagger! He was the short stop, point guard, quarterback...now medulloblastom has robbed him of his athletic gift. He works out now, and has a pitching lesson once a week...but it is NOT the same.
Carson was diagnosed with high risk medulloblastoma (brain and spine cancer) 10/06 and completed surgery, radiation and chemo New Years Eve...
His courageousness inspires us all. He is a sophomore in high school and doing all he can to keep up in school, work out and keep up with a few loyal buddies. Cancer sucks…especially in children…annette
Comment by connie prutting on September 20, 2008 at 8:52am
I don't much about sports. I hear things like DJ, A-Rod, and M.J. and it's all Greek to me. But I do like what one very opinionated athlete said several years ago. Charles Barkley, usually controversial, always outspoken said " Don't make me your kids role model." He explained that young people need to look to parents, teachers and people around them for that, not someone that is good at dunking a basketball. Well, say what you will about Sir Charles but on this one he was all right. And for a young athlete named A.J. he had to look no further than the seat next to him at a Yankee's game or his own dinner table to see his. Love ya .

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