I would like to share the responce I received from ACS, this was in reference to Mr. Becker refering to Childhood Cancer as being Exceedingly "Rare".

From: "American Cancer Society - Contact Us" span id="OBJ_PREFIX_DWT30" class="Object">undl@emailcenter.cancer.org> To: dannyf3@comcast.net Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 7:19:49 PM Subject: RE: Other

Dear Daniel,
Please accept my sincere apology for your unpleasant experience in reading the article posted by Andrew Becker.  A cancer diagnosis is devastating, especially when it affects our loved ones. We understand and share your desire to see more done about a disease that has touched you and your son so greatly.  I'm sorry to learn that we are losing your support.  Your feedback regarding Mr. Becker's post is greatly appreciated and has been taken to heart by Mr. Becker and everyone at the American Cancer Society. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to discuss this matter with us.
The Society has already taken Mr. Becker's posting off our website and he has issued an apology. Please know that every cancer, rare or not, is important to us as is every human life and every precious child.  We are committed to helping find a cure for cancer and helping all patients through their experience and this has not and will not change.
The American Cancer Society fights all cancers on all fronts in every community. So while childhood cancer is not our sole focus, we have a significant commitment to this important issue. We currently have 47 grants in effect totaling $22 million related to childhood cancer. That means approximately 4.6 percent of all of our research grants fund work in childhood cancer. This is separate from our other work in childhood cancer, like camps, scholarships, assistance, etc.
Many of our local offices have specific programs for families with pediatric cancer patients, including summer camps for children with cancer and scholarship programs for survivors of pediatric cancers. In addition, the Society publishes several books to address the needs of children diagnosed with cancer, including "Angels & Monsters," which presents the stories of 25 children with cancer and the art they created to share their cancer battles with the world.
I have also posted Mr. Becker's apology below:
"I want to sincerely apologize for the pain my post, which I have now removed, has caused. Like many other committed staff members and volunteers at the American Cancer Society, I have lost loved ones to cancer, and I work here because I want to help end the suffering caused by the disease. But losing a child to cancer (or for any other reason) is unimaginable to me. The idea of having one of my children diagnosed with cancer is a pain I cannot comprehend. I am sorry for making anybody feel marginalized. It was not what I intended. It is not how I feel.
When I set out to write I wanted to raise questions about activism and social media around disease. I did not mean to imply that I or the American Cancer Society believe that sick children are not important. Indeed I wrote that each of these cases is tragic, and that the children and their families deserve both sympathy and support. That is what I believe.
I am committed to repairing the relationship between the advocates I have upset and the American Cancer Society. The idea that my words would cause people to lose faith in the good work of the Society is horrifying to me. The Society succeeds because of our more than three million volunteers, and because of millions of others who generously support our work. In my more than four years working at ACS I have seen one example after another of this organization’s incredible mission being carried out, and each time, I am inspired. I have also seen success that extends to all of us, as cancer incidence and death rates continue to drop. I hope I have not jeopardized the good will that makes this progress possible.
Andrew Becker"
Please know that your American Cancer Society can also provide information on the following:
> Coping with side effects of treatment > Nutrition for cancer patients > Talking with your son's doctor > Support groups > Medication assistance resources > Transportation to cancer-related medical appointments > Lodging for patients having to travel to treatment
Please let us know if you would like information on any of these subjects to help your son.
Thank you again for contacting your American Cancer Society and sharing your feedback.
Ken Online Cancer Information Specialist
If you have any questions, please contact us via http://www.cancer.org or call 1-800-ACS-2345. Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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From:  dannyf3@comcast.net Sent:  1/18/2012 11:29:35 AM To: contactus@emailcenter.cancer.org Subject: Other
To all at ACS, My name is Dan Feltwell and I am the father of a beautiful 3 year old little boy who is fighting Childhood Cancer. I am a single parent raising my son and in the last year we have spent well over 250 days and nights as an inpatient because of complications that have come about from his Adult Chemotherapy Protocol. I have seen many Children succumb to this disease and many from treatment and infections. Childhood Cancer Treatments are very difficult for our Children because there are NO Childhood Cancer Treatments. I am disheartened by the statement made by your own Mr. Becker, in reguards to the Bald Barbie Campaign. His insensitive statement with Childhood Cancer being exceedingly Rare infuriates the Parents of these beautiful Children fighting Cancer. I am no longer going to support The American Cancer Society, and I will bring to the forefront What ACS says and does for and about our Children with Cancer. I am a sad father who is now even more sad, Thank you Mr. Becker.

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