An exceptionally informative "Press Conference on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month" was held during September 2013 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Listen for 30 minutes, watch and think, please! Awareness is the first step toward action. The video is

The video comes to my attention via Annette McKeon, who appears @ 8:27 mins into the press conference, and reminds us of a lesson from Aimee, her daughter: Children ≠ Numbers

Here's the text of Annette's remarks, and the link to Aimee's Army is

  I can stand here and give you statistic after statistic. I can stand here and tell you about the various forms of cancer that affect our children today. I can stand here and tell you that cancers in children get the least amount of federal funding to be shared amongst the 12 major forms of cancer as well as there many subtypes. I can show you graphs that tell you how many children are affected by each different form of cancer. But, they are nothing more then a bunch of numbers… Children are not numbers on a chart, they are not statistic‘s on a page. They are human beings who deserve a chance at life just as you and I have had.

 This is my daughter Aimee, she was 12 when she passed from a DIPG brain tumor, one of the deadliest known to man. Aimee is not a number on a graph. Aimee is not a statistic. I’ll never forget her words back in September of 2007 shortly after she was diagnosed, when the Chief of residents came into her room after speaking with the students outside her door… She lifted up her finger and said “Oh no, I am NOT a number on a folder, I am a child who happens to have a brain tumor.. Know ME before you can treat my disease. I am a child first and foremost. I have a NAME!!!” Her word’s changed many of the student’s lives that day as well as the chef’s way of teaching. Aimee enjoyed go-kart racing, cheer-leading, reading, writing, and music, but more then anything helping others, especially during her battle. Aimee had hopes and dreams for the future. She would be a senior in high school today had she had the chance to fulfill her dreams God only knows what tomorrow could have held for her. She has a face, she has a name!! She is not a number!

 This is Elizabeth, she was 3 when DIPG took her life. Elizabeth loved the color pink and everything country.. Elizabeth knew the words to every Kenny Cheney’s song and was one of his biggest fans. She loved to color and create things on paper, just like her daddy… She also loved chipmunk’s. She has a face, she has a name!!! She is not a number!

 This is Brandon he was 17 when Non Hodgkin’s Burkitts Lymphoma took his life. Brandon enjoyed hanging out with his friends skateboarding, and had plans for his future after he graduated from high school. Unfortunately, Brandon never got to experience his hopes, and dreams. He has a face, he has name!!! He is not a number!

 This is Sonya, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the age of 14 and relapsed at the age of 19. Yes, Sonya is a survivor of this dreaded disease but now due to her many rounds of chemotherapy Sonya is faced with many disabilities and will never be able to have children of her own. Now Sonya is facing cardiomioapathy and will need a heart transplant due to her years of chemotherapy.. She has a face, she has a name!!! She is not a number!!

 This is Abbey, she was 12 when she passed from a Glioblastoma of the Thalamus in the brain. Abbey enjoyed cheer-leading, reading, playing her flute and hanging out with her friends. Abbey would be a sophomore in collage today had cancer not stolen her life. She has a face, she has a name!!! She is not a number!

 I can stand here and share hundreds of not thousands of children’s stories with you. However, over the last 5 years since my daughter Aimee past I’ve been told that the number of children affected by cancer are not high enough to warrant more funding for research into this dread disease… I’ve been told that just because one area of our state may see higher cases of childhood cancer it still does not warrant any kind of investigation because 10, 20, or 30 children in one area just isn’t enough to matter. In closing, I am here today to ask you to continue to recognize the need for awareness for childhood cancer, and to recognize the need for funding and grants so that childhood cancer can be recognized as one of the gravest diseases to affect our littlest heroes today. But, please remember one thing. These are children not NUMBERS… Look at their faces, learn their names, and know that they do matter!!!!

 I thank you, for your time and attention to this very important cause. Have a beautiful day wherever it may take you.. God Bless always!!>>

Aimee’s Army is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit, who’s mission is for education, research and family support for childhood cancers. Primarily, pediatric DIPG/brain tumors.

It was Aimee’s dream and desire to raise awareness and educate the community into the devastation of all rare childhood cancers. In the hopes, by doing so, funds will be raised for much needed research, which will lead to a cure, and offer hope for children. She hoped that one day no parent would ever have to hear your child has cancer and there is nothing we can do.

Together we can make a difference. Let us all be soldiers in this fight. Be your child's voice today so they will have a future tomorrow

Aimee’s Army

P.O. Box 37

Scranton, PA 18504

or at using paypal

"A ribbon is just a ribbon without a face, add pig-tails and a baseball cap and it becomes a child"

Aimee Dickey forever 12

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Comment by AJs Dad on September 26, 2013 at 11:32am

Thanks Theresa.

Reminds me of this one -

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