Wow! What a great day we had. Thanks to crazy Texas weather, after a balmy Spring Break with beautiful, warm days, we had a cold front blow through and woke up this morning with temperatures in the 30's and wind gusts up to 40 mph. In the spirit of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade - we stayed positive and were thankful that the sun was out, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! The temperature eventually got into the 70's but the wind stayed strong.

We were so blessed to have lots of help from our family. My mom and dad, Gary's sister, our nephews, and niece all helped out. Thanks so much to them.

Our stand didn't quite look like we had hoped and planned for due to the winds. We weren't able to put the hand-made banner over the stand along with the posters about Thomas and Alex, but we did the best we could and taped EVERYTHING down - the table cloth, the donation bucket, the posters on the table, you name it! It wasn't very pretty, but at least everything stayed put, for the most part!

In spite of the cool temperatures (people were there with coats on and gloves!) we had many people we knew come to join us, and we also met many new neighbors and friends. The recreation committee in our neighborhood was kind enough to let us have this stand during the annual Easter Egg Hunt, so there were plenty of families attending the event. It was great talking with everyone about Alex and sharing her story, along with the story of Thomas and our own journey with childhood cancer. I don't think there was one person we spoke with who didn't have a family member or close friend fighting cancer right now. Some people had heard of Alex on Oprah, but many had not. I'm really hoping that the lemonade stands will start popping up more here in Texas.

Two local news stations came and did stories that will air soon. Also, I had invited our state representative, Valinda Bolton, to join us and much to our surprise, she and her husband stopped by to support us and the cause! Thank you so much to KEYE news, News8 Austin, and Representative Bolton for helping us be a voice for all kids and families dealing with cancer.

Everyone seemed to like the lemonade and thanks again to Home Depot for donating the coolers for the lemonade, and to Taco Bueno for the cups, napkins, and lemonade concentrate.

And I was so touched by the two pre-schoolers who came to our house after the event with their piggy banks. They had told their parents they wanted to give the money from their piggy banks to help the kids who were sick. They came in, opened the banks, and emptied out all of their change in the donation bucket. These kids are true heroes!

As of today, voer $1500.00 has been donated, but we will leave our fund-raising page up on the web in hopes of receiving more donations once the media stories reach tv and our local neighborhood newspaper. The link is All in all, we more than reached our goals in terms of fund-raising, and awareness-raising. And it was a great project to undertake as a family, a neighborhood, and a community. It brought so many people together working toward the same goal: Finding a cure for childhood cancer!!!

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Comment by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation on March 30, 2009 at 12:52pm
I love that you didn't let the weather bring you down.

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