Lemonade & Haircuts

Isn't it a shame that the richest nation, with the highest standard of living, the greatest world power, the country that went to the moon, has to rely on kids selling lemonade while their parents get their heads shaved bald to try to stop the #1 killer of our children?

While it sounds like a bad comedy, I put forth that it is a tragedy.

It’s up to our kids to sell enough lemonade? Up to us to get our heads shaved bald? To get petitions signed?

Dr. Peter Adamson, Chair of the Children's Oncology Group even agrees!  And writes about it!  From Picking Up the Pace: Igniting progress in the cure of children with cancer: “The solution to securing investment includes enlisting friends and families of children with cancer."




What are the last 2 national tragedies you remember? The Challenger and 9-11? Did they call the astronaut's families and ask them to assist on determining the failure temperature of the O-rings? Did they tell the victim’s friends, we need you to come in and help us figure this war thing out?

I know how they felt. I will never forget the days/months in the hospital. The feelings of powerlessness, out-of-controlness. Not that I didn’t advocate, research, learn, fight for, scream. But inside, sometimes it seemed my primary function every day was to not only do the stuff to support Age, but, at the time, to me, importantly, NOT step on the medium green colored tiles on my trips back and forth to the break room for ice, snacks, coffee, whatever. THAT to me was the only thing that I could truly control about all the things going on. And it was my goal to NEVER EVER step on one, and then everything would be OK. Sounds ridiculous now doesn’t it? But I bet the 9th floor nurses knew what I was doing after awhile, had seen someone like me before, weaving back and forth as I walked down the hall, looking down balancing plates and spilling 2 cups of coffee. When you are fighting the war as a parent, sometimes it's hard to do much more that truly affects the reality, your journey, or the outcome. So you do what you do.

So let’s keep doing what we’re doing, they need us to. It makes more sense than not stepping on medium green colored tiles.


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August 22, 2008

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

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Comment by Dan Feltwell on March 22, 2012 at 6:29pm

I too have felt, and feel, this powerlessness over my son having Cancer. I too have walked the halls in my own way because I could only control my step and direction. I too studied for many months while my son slept. The nurses at first thought, "What is he doing?" but then knew I controoled the only thing I could. With well over 250 days and nights with my son as an inpatient I have gained a knowledge that NO parent should ever have, and what I have found is that Childhood Cancer and what comes with Treatment, what is being done with allocating the appropriate amout of money (not including our Chood Cancer community and Foundations) for Research is that NONE of this is acceptable. We should be Parents to our Children, Advocate for them, give them comfort and love and not worry how we can make Treatments better for our Children and future Children who WILL be diagnosed with Cancer. But we as responsible parents and adults cannot just sit back and say this is all acceptable, so we fight for our Children and for all Children. I is not acceptable to lay one Child to rest because of Cancer and we do not think of our mission against Childhood Cancer a burdon or an inconvience. Eventhough we like nothing that Childhood Cancer brings we must make a difference, we must change what we can and that means changing everything about Childhood Cancer.

Danny`s Dad (Dan Feltwell)

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