pink and gold......[reposted from 2008]

there is a lot of anger and frustration and jealousy out there right now, over all the pink. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And Susan G Komen Foundation is simply everywhere. I know you know this. Does it piss you off, get you mad? Does it get you so sick you could puke?

So what.

25 years ago, Nancy Brinker lost her sister to breast cancer. She made a promise to her dying sister to do something. She sure as hell did. Congratulations Nancy. You have build an unbelievable organization from scratch. You have funded over $1 BILLION towards curing breast cancer. Truly an American grassroots success story.

My point is this. Misplaced anger will not cure childhood cancer. Jealousy is part of the problem with funding now, why organizations DON'T work. These emotions will get us no where. And believe me, I have every right to be pissed, and I am pissed, just not at Pink.

What we can do is learn. How did she do it? Actually, Sweet Lily's Dad has pointed out that her original model was based on AIDs activists in NYC. She built a group, organized and steered it. And now, has millions of men, women and children supporting her cause. Unreal. So, instead of being angry, I am going to try to learn from them. And, further, what better alignment - Mom's that are already activists and kids fighting for their life's. Each and every Mom and Dad reading this would trade places in a heartbeat, why would breast cancer Mom's be any different?

So, next time you see pink, don't get mad. Check em out. Ask em if they can help. Tell em about PAC2, I have. Actually had some good initial talks with them and will be meeting with them soon......hey, stranger things have happened.

Look here....maybe join up and post your own note - I'm certain you will find others in your area....

Look how beautiful it can be when people set egos aside and work together......(weren't two of these guys married to the same woman? I think at diff times though?)

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Comment by Laura Gorney on October 18, 2009 at 10:37am
I was so angry at the start of October that I decided to boycott the companies that use pink in their products. But I take it one step further - when I see a product that I would normally purchase but won't because of the pink, I contact the company and tell them about GOLD and childhood cancer. For example, in the Oct. issue of BabyTalk magazine, I learned the California Baby company (baby products like shampoo, etc) is honor the ta-tas and donating 15% of its I Love You line to the California Breast Cancer Research Program. Here's the problem I have with this: yes, the company produces products that are purchased by moms, but their products are for CHILDREN. That alone makes them a perfect company to focus on childhood cancer in the month of September. I wrote them over a week ago and have yet to hear anything back. It's this kind of thing that makes me angry, that makes me realize how many companies really have jumped on the pink bandwagon. So, I guess I've taken my anger at pink and am trying to turn it around to passion by spreading awareness to companies that may not have known about childhood cancer.

A side note: my husband and I were the committee chairs for the CureSearch walk in Norfolk on Oct. 3. The same day, a Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk was held across town. Our walk had 500 participants and we raised over $33k. The breast cancer walk had over 7,000 participants and raised more than $380,000. What a stark difference. We're planning next years walk and will hold it in Nov. so we won't have to compete with breast cancer.
Comment by Aimee Dickey on October 16, 2009 at 7:12am
You know I was agree with all the pink until I realized that it is not all being brought on by the SGK foundation, but many businesses are using this month and a very devasting disease for pure profit. Many companies don't even donate to breast cancer research, they just use it as a selling tool. To me that is dead wrong, and the companies using this should be made to donate a portion of their proceeds to research for misleading the public.
As a parent who lost a child I don't want to see this happen to Gold, I don't want to see big business profitting at the loss of my child for their own personal gain. Raising awareness and getting funding is one thing but when you have these high power multi-billion dollar companies using illinesses to sell products for personal gain is wrong. Now for me, and Aimee's Army, before I approch a company for support I want it in writting that proceed's will benefit childhood cancer research be it through Aimee's Army or any other foundation, just as long as the children do see the money. Hope I didn't offend anyone.
Annette (angel aimees mom)
Comment by Angie Giallourakis on October 14, 2009 at 12:10am
We need to pressure politicians and the media!!! Need to make a stand for childhood and adolescent cancer!! I feel your rage too! It is really hard to digest that because the disease your child has is so rare that it doesn't make sense to get more media and politcal coverage...very frustrating!!!
Take care.
Comment by Amanda on October 13, 2009 at 11:55pm
I'm definately letting my bitterness and anger cloud my mind, even though I have read this before, it's good to read it again.
Comment by Brenda Everson-Wiesman on October 8, 2009 at 11:50am
Here's an idea. Since the Pink ribbon group, Susan Komen, has been so successful in getting pink ribbons on so many products and has so many people all across the country racing for the cure, maybe they have made it easier for us. Putting ribbons on products to support cancer research is not new and neither is holding walks and races for a cure. We just have to keep working to get the companies to support childhood cancer with gold ribbons, and keep having our walks with publicity. Pink did not do it overnight.

There were 10,000 women in the Race for the Cure last Sunday here in Omaha. I am sure that bigger cities have larger turnouts. Huge corporate support and press. How many moms in this group? How can we reach them?
Comment by Dash Wallooppillai on October 8, 2009 at 10:53am
Someone called my mom last week (someone she did not know) to ask if she would make a donation for breast cancer. My mom responded by giving her a speech about childhood cancer statistics and lack of funding etc!! She said thank you and hung up - hopefully one more person educated...?
Comment by Monique Nielson on October 5, 2009 at 9:56am
As I watched football this weekend and saw all of the pink, I immediately thought, WOW, someday they will all be wearing gold for the kids! These kids can't and won't be ignored or forgotten and some day soon, it will be a sea of gold out there for them! Bob is right. Don't get angry at pink. Get motivated. Take action. Be heard!
Comment by Clara on December 11, 2008 at 9:44pm
I have no doubt with as many dedicated parents here we can and will get the message spread about childhood cancer awareness
Comment by Hope S. Honig on November 10, 2008 at 10:43am
I think that we need to face all cancers head on. Childhood Cancers are very frightening to the general uninvolved population. Maybe we could start a "Thanks for the Healthy Children Program" where anyone celebrating a healthy child's milestones could make a contribution to help a child with cancer. Birthdays, graduations, great report cards, etc. that way more people and children could give extra special thanks for their good fortune by helping others.
Comment by Leslie on October 21, 2008 at 9:36pm
I say in the beginning of my facebook group, that I my wish is for the Gold Ribbon to be as well know as the Pink Ribbon, and how I wish I knew the secret...maybe now, together we can figure it out...
its a daunting task, but I believe....
as usual Bob, you inspire with your wise words....kudo's to you and all of here in the fight to raise awareness and funding...

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