I just wanted to post an update about Kendall. He's doing well. He's a happy little boy and although he'd rather be home, he still enjoys himself in the hospital during his stays. He spent Thanksgiving there on contact and neutropenic precautions, but since this is a toy-less and candy-less holiday, he was less traumatized than you might think. The nurses are letting him leave his room even though he is testing positive for the C-Diff antigen. He wears a hat, long sleeves and long pants with socks and shoes and of course gloves and a mask every time he leaves his room. He's such a little trooper that you just can't imagine it. Nothing gets him down. He's so grown up for a five-year-old. He understands that he has to be in the hospital, why he has to take all the precautions, why he has to be hooked up to the I.V. tree, why he has to do all the things he has to do. The other day he helped me clean the playroom so that his friend Ray-Ray wouldn't get sick because of him. It wasn't our responsibility and I told him as much, but he said that if we didn't do it, it might not be clean enough. He wasn't eating or drinking and nobody could get him to. I told him why he had to eat and drink, explaining that one, people need fluids to rinse the poisons and germs out of their bodies so they get better faster and two, if he didn't drink he would have to be put on I.V. fluids which would mean that he would be hooked up to the dreaded tree instead of being a "free range" patient. He immediately drank a whole eight ounce cup of water in one go and ate some pizza. He's the most pragmatic child I've ever known.
The plan for him is to give him a break from chemo until after his Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World in January and then give him an intense round to prep him for his transplant as soon as his trip is over. The transplant will make all of the rest of this ordeal seem like nothing. He barely survived his first one and this time the chances for something to go wrong are even greater. Still, we take heart in how well he's dealt with everything so far. One of his nurses commented the other day that he's feeling way too good for such a sick little boy. She was looking at his numbers while watching him bounce off the walls and laugh and her confused look was actually kind of funny. What can I say? That's Kendall for you. I've posted some new pictures if you want to see for yourself how well his mood is holding up.

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